Greta Thunberg: Enough Blah, Blah, Blah

January 25, 2021

Address to the World Economic Forum today.

Watch to the end.


13 Responses to “Greta Thunberg: Enough Blah, Blah, Blah”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    This young woman continues to inspire awe. She has more courage in facing truth than any of the hundreds of thousands of alleged adults in corporate media, politics, industry, and even science, since even Michael Mann, James Hansen, and so many others are afflicted by a pastiche of politeness, conservatism, and conflicting interests and are unwilling or unable to embrace the solutions that are now necessary. Her lack of financial interests or concretized political affiliation may be part of what frees her to tell the simple truth, but lots of people have that, and still everything that comes out of them on climate is a lie.

    Psychologist Judith Lipton said the best therapy for despair is action. I think the best therapy for despair—and most other ailments—is therapy, but action is a crucial way of transforming the outer world to align with our new, healthier inner world.
    If you’re not politically active now, what are you waiting for? What will it take?

  2. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    GO Greta the great!

  3. Majura Wombat Says:

    Greta reminds me of the boy who pointed out that the King had no clothes.

  4. neilrieck Says:

    In Greta’s speech to the UN last year, she mentioned the fantasy of continued economic growth. Many people scoffed at this remark but the COVID-19 pandemic has proved that an greatly attenuated world economy is not the end of the human race. Comment: the only other thing on the planet that expects continued growth is cancer.

  5. mboli Says:

    Intellectually, I can see how Thunberg might help the cause. But my visceral reaction is to hope this hectoring twerp goes away.
    I hope she moves the rhetorical window. The right-wing tactic of portraying even a mild carbon tax as a socialist takeover doesn’t work nearly as well if we have a few Thundering Thunbergs out on the extreme. The same dynamic advanced quite a few social causes in US history.
    She helps the cause by being an unpleasant uncompromising narrow-minded zealot that other people can point to and say “I’m not like her.”

    (Yes, I know “Thundering Thunberg” doesn’t alliterate.)

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