Correlation is Not Causation, but..

January 13, 2021

Brian Brettschneider having a little bit of fun with perennial climate denial memes.
Gavin Schmidt reminds us of his swipe at this in 2007.

Real Climate:

We are forever being bombarded with apparently incredible correlations of various solar indices and climate. A number of them came up in the excoriable TGGWS mockumentary last month where they were mysteriously ‘improved’ in a number of underhand ways. But even without those improvements (which variously involved changing the axes, drawing in non-existent data, taking out data that would contradict the point etc.), the as-published correlations were superficially quite impressive. Why then are we not impressed? 

To give you an idea, I’m going to go through the motions of constructing a new theory of political change using techniques that have been pioneered by a small subset of solar-climate researchers (references will of course be given). And to make it even more relevant, I’m going to take as my starting point research that Richard Lindzen has highlighted on his office door for many years:

That’s right. Forget the economy or the war(s), the fortunes of the Republican party in the US Senate are instead tied closely to the sunspot cycle.
more real climate here

Other science correlation below:

3 Responses to “Correlation is Not Causation, but..”

  1. No I understand why the supporters of Trump seem so alien. They are from an other parallel universum.

  2. grindupbaker Says:

    Since mister Trump didn’t get another 4 years then maybe the Grand Solar Minimum won’t materialize.

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