For Clean Energy Opponents, Burning Capitol Not a New Idea

January 9, 2021

Above, a May, 2020, facebook posting from Kevon Martis, a leading midwest dirty energy activist, who boasts he is a “Senior Fellow” at the coal-funded lobbying firm E&E Legal, well known to anyone who has followed the intimidation and attacks on climate science over the last decade.
A reasonable person might well read the above post and have … questions – especially in light of recent events.

We know from years of evidence that distortion, intimidation and veiled threats have been a standard part of the toolkit for anti-wind, and anti-solar activists, at least in my neck of the midwest. I’ve documented in two videos, below.

Mr Martis doesn’t like it when he’s criticized, even mildly.
After I wrote a letter to a local editor questioning Mr Martis objectivity, considering his association with a coal lobbying firm , he responded with a “Cease and Desist” letter from a big time Detroit law firm to the President of Yale University, clearly meant to threaten one of my clients, and intimidate me into silence. (readers know that I produce a monthly video for Yale Climate Connections blog, which originates in the Yale School of Environment. I am not an employee or instructor at Yale, for the record)

Mr Martis presents himself as a simple country boy, which seems hard to square with someone who keeps a big city law firm at ready to threaten perceived critics.

Don’t worry, my editor at Yale (after a few gruff questions) took this as proof that I was pissing off the right kind of people.

The opposition to clean energy has frequently wielded culture war tropes to stir up controversy in their target audience.
This online ad from a few years ago makes the point.

There is, of course, no connection between Obamacare and Wind energy, but in 2013, the anti-wind crowd thought that might work for them in some areas. Stirring of knee-jerk emotion is a time-honored tactic for demagogues bent on swaying a crowd.

Mr Martis, for his part, is constantly trying to associate me in some way with right wing hot buttons.

Other postings by anti-wind activists, in particular, are clearly meant to convey a sense of menace for anyone opposing them.

The good news is, at least here in Michigan, the “antis” have been losing more than winning in recent years, and as the positive impacts of renewable development continue to prove out in community after community, their credibility continues to decline.

2 Responses to “For Clean Energy Opponents, Burning Capitol Not a New Idea”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I hope you have room on your walls to display a framed copy of this letter, giving it pride of place.

    And if you come for my guns, Peter, you’ll have to rip them off my cold, dead humeri!

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      (For the record, I don’t look at all like this, but I do have some lockdown-built muscles in my arms.)

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