ABC News Report 2010: First They Came for the Climate Scientists – Hate, Intimidation Nothing New

January 9, 2021

This whole process of degrading truth had spreading hatred against those that tell it, is not new to climate scientists.
Below, comment on one of my video threads, about 10 years ago. Note poster’s screen name.

They moved on to threats against Michigan’s Governor, then Georgia’s Secretary of State.
Now they’re threatening Mike Pence, and any Republican who is considered “disloyal”.

UPDATE: Marc Morano, who follows me obsessively, responded to this post almost instantly on twitter, below.

Updated update:


9 Responses to “ABC News Report 2010: First They Came for the Climate Scientists – Hate, Intimidation Nothing New”

  1. It is time to stop being nice to these people. Treats are illegal and should not be confused by expressing a opinion. These people are dangerous and belong in prison or mental institutions.

    • Paul Whyte Says:

      Of course, they need to be in a mental institution.

      However, if the moral high ground is lost the world becomes a mental institution and we are in widespread war/civil war.

      The game being played by the fossil-fuelled extremists is you have to stay nice or our taunts descend us all into war/civil war. Which they want.

      I hope there is a way to imprison the criminal extreme and separate the easily led “right” back into the centre of politics where they belong as 73 million (or 22% of the population) American airheads like/vote for the Trumpists just now.

      The point is to divide and separate the extreme right while rebuilding the centre towards a future.

  2. neilrieck Says:

    Today most people see the world through “the prism of religion”, “the prism of politics”, or “the prism of science”. Both religion and politics will allow a smooth-talking BS-artist to rise to the top (how else do you explain how a politically unqualified real-estate tycoon talked his way into the white house in 2016?). But with science, humanity has “a baloney detection kit” known as “the scientific method”. Insert the facts, turn the crank of this virtual machine, and what “usually pops out is the truth. Even if a mistake is made today, the machine can falsify previous tests which means this thing is self correcting.

    It even bit Albert Einstein on the arse when he published his update to “Newtonian Gravity” titled “The General Theory of Relativity”. Everyone knows that Einstein added something called “the cosmological constant” as a fudge factor to force a steady state universe. Georges Lemaître (correctly) argued with Einstein for more than a decade but Einstein refused to change his mind, and his equation, until Edwin Hubble provided scientific proof that the universe was expanding. That’s when Einstein finally changed his mind then declared the cosmological constant to be his biggest blunder.

    I write this because if the scientific method could correct Einstein then it is a tool the rest of us should use every day. In fact, there has never been a tool like this, EVER !!!

    • BL Brown Says:

      Repeating the earlier response to this comment– Einstein did withdraw the CC and regarded it as a mistake– but now it’s part of our cosmological models: it’s needed to account for the accelerating rate of expansion… What that means at the level of fundamental physics is hard to say– we have a lot to learn (that is more than we thought in the ’90s…). Einstein added the CC to his model because the best science at the time said the universe was stable, neither expanding nor contracting. The scientific method is about responding to evidence– but new evidence keeps on coming in. (In the case of climate, of course, all that new evidence continues to point in the same direction, and the principles involved are well understood – unlike the shape and history of the universe when Einstein applied GTR to cosmology.)

      • neilrieck Says:

        I am “a little bit” troubled by “a small number of some” scientists who claim that Einstein was correct to include a “cosmological constant”. I am not a professional scientist but here is what I know about the subject: Einstein’s CC was designed to prevent the universe from expanding because Einstein believed that the universe was “in a steady state”. Today we know that the “rate of acceleration” is increasing (due to dark matter and dark gravity) which means that the modern CC has the opposite sign to the one used by Einstein. For fellow science nerds following along at home: Edwin Hubble’s CC was set to 68 km/s/Mpc (km per second per Million kilo-parsecs) but that value appears to have increased to 73.9 km/s/Mpc. This higher value is not due to more accurate measurements per se; it is an actual increase. Click here for more details:

        • BL Brown Says:

          This is not correct. Einstein’s adoption of the cosmological constant was meant to ‘balance the scales’ and allow for a stable universe. Otherwise (if the universe wasn’t expanding) the force of gravity would lead it to contract and eventually collapse.

          • neilrieck Says:

            The universe is expanding but Einstein believed, without any evidence, that the universe was stable (back in those days it was called the “steady state” theory) so he included a “cosmological constant” in general relativity to stop expansion. After arguing with Georges Lemaître for more than a decade, Lemaître put Einstein in contact with Edwin Hubble to show him proof (red shift) that Einstein was wrong. That is when Einstein was quoted as saying “this is my greatest blunder”. Since 1998, we all know that dark energy and dark matter are making the universe expand much faster than previously thought. “I have heard” a few scientists say (at public lectures where they were not careful with their choice of words) “that it appears that Einstein was correct after all” since they will need to put a cosmological constant to account for an increase in acceleration. This can only happen if an opposite sign is used. Remember that Einstein’s constant was meant to stop expansion. No constant allowed expansion to occur at a rate close to the Hubble constant. We need a constant to make it expand faster (or general relativity may need a few new tweaks)


  3. Keith McClary Says:

    Trump told his thugs that he demanded Pence interfere with the vote, saying “what takes courage is to do nothing”. I took that to be a threat. Some of the thugs said they wanted to kill Pence.

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