Renewables will Explode under Biden Admin

January 8, 2021

Above, SunPower CEO Tom Werner looks forward to a Biden administration.

Below, Kevin Leary (Sharktank) expresses shock at the way fossil fuels and hydrocarbons have become toxic for big investors. Whines that renewables get subsidies.

Just for balance, here’s Dan Kammen on fossil versus renewable subsidies.

Below, speculation about a new Apple EV.

2 Responses to “Renewables will Explode under Biden Admin”

  1. The moment renewables become big business things can go real fast. Investors want to make money.If this can be done by using renewables so it will be. if they lose monet by using fossil energy get rid of it. No one invest any longer in steamtrains.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    As Kevin O’Leary decried the downfall of hydrocarbon investments, it broke my heart. I got out a hanky and sobbed at the pain and dismay he felt. Please, please, can’t we just invade one more oil-rich country for the investors’ sake?

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