What Made Them So Crazy?

January 7, 2021

30 years of deliberate falsehoods spun out by right wing media, for one thing.

Misinformation kills.

More below, while most of us were sleeping the House almost had a bench-clearing brawl when one member spoke the simple truth.

The whole world was watching of course.

3 Responses to “What Made Them So Crazy?”

  1. jimbills Says:

    ‘What Made Them So Crazy?’

    The major issue is that the country has split into two camps, largely defined as urban and rural, but also by the rampant income disparity that exists. The poorer tend to live in the more rural areas, the wealthier tend to live in the more urban areas. This hasn’t been as pronounced in the past as it is now.

    The split has happened because of the economic changes in the past decades. We’ve gone from the old model of industrial capitalism to a form of technocapitalism. Newer technologies have enabled corporations to have a more global reach, exporting jobs to other countries, and creating a far more services-based economy nationally. Older industrial jobs have left the country, agricultural and mining jobs have greatly reduced their human labor force, and the new service jobs are often centralized in urban areas. This has resulted in formerly middle-class families slipping to lower-class in urban but especially in rural areas. It’s led to an alienation of the rural areas, tied with a ‘brain drain’ from small towns to cities.

    The people most affected by this feel dispossessed. In reality, rural areas are actually over-represented in Congress and the Electoral College (and in the Supreme Court, because of that), but their perceptions have been formed by the mainstream media, which exists in its own bubble of the urban, more educated, and wealthier. They are also now poorer and have fewer options than they might have had before the economic changes. When they see people in the media sipping lattes denigrating the hicks in the hinterlands, they tend to get a bit ticked. The broad social changes in sexual norms, religious opinions, and other examples that have happened in the past decades, ones largely driven first by media, have also left them feeling alienated and unrepresented by the powers that be.

    Into that vacuum, more cynical actors realized there was a new market for conservative media, and they have tailored their messages specifically to appeal to that target. Their stories about how Washington, New York, and Hollywood’s elites hold them down found an audience ready for them.

    Into this, newer forms of communication, especially social networks, created entirely enclosed media systems. People can now get the news that they only want to hear. They also produce superhighways for conspiracy theories to thrive. Facebook is/was bad about this – Youtube was the worst. It’s finally realized that it has been bad about it:

    But it’s largely too late. The cat’s out of the bag, and the people wanting to believe conspiracies will find a way to feed them.

    The rift between the two broad groups has only grown wider and wider. We live in different realities. Each side believes it is right, it has the only truth, and the other side is just stupid. As horrifying as yesterday was, those people that stormed that Capitol really believed they were in the right – and that makes it even more horrifying. And worse, it’s not going to go away. Unless the root problems are addressed, it will only get worse.

  2. ubrew12 Says:

    The Presidents 2016 platform can be boiled down to three words: “Build the Wall”. And with total GOP control of Congress for two years, and his kind of political capital (bordering on cult-status) among Republicans, did he push Congress to cough up a measly $20 billion to fulfill his platform? No, and the obvious reason why is because he never wanted it in the first place (not like, as we see now, he simply wants power for himself). Two years of total GOP control of the Federal government and what was achieved? Just one thing: Tax cuts for the rich and the corporations. If actions speak louder than words (and they do), the reason for this is simple: it’s all the GOP actually stands for, anymore. After all the praying, the flag waving, the gun toting, the ‘aw-shucks-I’m-just-a-country-boy’ grammar, the weeping over dead fetuses, at the end of the day, Trump and his Party enriched themselves with a tax cut. Because, when you isolate the signal from the noise, it’s all they stand for.

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