2021, Let’s Do This

December 31, 2020

2 Responses to “2021, Let’s Do This”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    Good riddance 2020. What a crappy year. I hope we now all have 2020-hindsight and never repeat this nonsense again (but we’re all just a bunch of dumb monkeys so I know I won’t get my wish. The last time this happened we jumped into the decade of the Roaring Twenties then road the whole thing into the dirt.)

    • redskylite Says:

      Fair comment – although I think you are being a bit insulting to the monkey species. Just seen a photo of several thousands of youngsters defying the French lock-down and having a monster multi-day party in Brittany, with smug self satisfied grins on their faces – can’t see monkeys stooping that low.

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