Massachusetts City Institutes Climate Warnings at Gas Pump

December 26, 2020

The Guardian:

Cambridge, Massachusetts, has become the first US city to mandate the placing of stickers on fuel pumps to warn drivers of the resulting dangers posed by the climate crisis.

The final design of the bright yellow stickers, shared with the Guardian, includes text that warns drivers the burning of gasoline, diesel and ethanol has “major consequences on human health and the environment including contributing to climate change”.

The stickers will be placed on all fuel pumps in Cambridge, which is situated near Boston and is home to Harvard University, “fairly soon” once they are received from printers, a city spokesman confirmed.

“The city of Cambridge is working hard with our community to fight climate change,” the spokesman added. “The gas pump stickers will remind drivers to think about climate change and hopefully consider non-polluting options.”


2 Responses to “Massachusetts City Institutes Climate Warnings at Gas Pump”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    OK, good,


    30 years 2 L8, &

    2 coke.

    On the notices, put a link to

    the Sunrise movement


    Extinction Rebellion

    The Climate Mobilization

    • redskylite Says:

      I agree it is overdue and only one town – maybe it is my age but I don’t get the “2 coke” reference, guess it is similar to 2 curt – consulted urban dictionary and cyber talk, but none the wiser. Someone please help here – what is “2 coke”, not a fizzy drink or heady drug or something you burn?

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