A Threatened Grid can Benefit from Renewable Energy

December 23, 2020

Another name for renewable energy, solar and wind, is Distributed Energy Resources, or DER.
With the kind of improvements that MUST be done to keep the US grid from slipping in to developing world status, there is potential to make the electrical grid more like the internet, which was designed to enable communication after a nuclear conflict.

To make the point, I show audiences the difference between the “old” grid, which was like a spoke-and-wheel arrangement, with a few big power plants serving many customers…

and the new grid, which looks more like a seamless web, with eventually, millions of nodes capable of producing, storing, and transmitting, both information and energy.

An advanced grid will not only distribute renewable energy across the continent, it will act to redundantly back up and support local grids.
Micro Grids and “Islanded Grids” will also increase security for businesses and communities.

The US grid is past due for a security upgrade, as the recent Russian hacking attack should make clear.
If Covid has shown us anything, it’s that whatever CAN happen, WILL happen.
We should really get cracking.


Minneapolis (AP) — White supremacists plotted to attack power stations in the southeastern U.S., and an Ohio teenager who allegedly shared the plan said he wanted the group to be “operational” on a fast-tracked timeline if President Donald Trump were to lose his re-election bid, the FBI alleges in an affidavit that was mistakenly unsealed.

The teen was in a text group with more than a dozen people in the fall of 2019 when he introduced the idea of saving money to buy a ranch where they could participate in militant training, according to the affidavit, which was filed under seal along with a search warrant application in Wisconsin’s Eastern U.S. District Court in March. The documents were inadvertently unsealed last week before the mistake was discovered and they were quickly sealed again.

The teenager wanted the group to be “operational” by the 2024 election because he believed it was likely a Democrat would win, but “the timeline for being operational would accelerate if President Trump lost the 2020 election,” according to the affidavit. An informant told investigators that the teen “definitely wanted to be operational for violence, but also activism.”

The Ohio teen, who was 17 at the time, also shared plans with a smaller group about a plot to create a power outage by shooting rifle rounds into power stations in the southeastern U.S. The teen called the plot “Light’s Out” and there were plans to carry it out in the summer of 2021, the affidavit states.

One group member, a Texas native who was a Purdue University student at the time, allegedly sent the informant a text saying “leaving the power off would wake people up to the harsh reality of life by wreaking havoc across the nation.”

3 Responses to “A Threatened Grid can Benefit from Renewable Energy”

  1. doldrom Says:

    … recent Russian hacking attack ?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      large central station power plants, especially nuclear, are targets of hackers.
      distributed energy inherently less vulnerable, although grids must be hardened, and we need an administration not run by foreign enemies to defend us.

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        I want it to be a law—nay, a Constitutional Amendment—that whoever installs a controller without changing the default login shall be put to death.

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