As Corona Surges, Clear Evidence that Science Denial Kills

December 10, 2020

More than 3000 deaths yesterday, and the post Thanksgiving surge has not even hit yet.

This didn’t happen by accident. A lot of devious and morally bankrupt people have been building this death-star for decades.

6 Responses to “As Corona Surges, Clear Evidence that Science Denial Kills”

  1. mboli Says:

    Big thank you to Greenman. That video interleaving the Covid denial with climate change denial must have been a lot of work. And I never would have known about some of the things in the CNN clip, especially those demonstrations.

    • It was originally noted by Sean Carroll and I’ve edited this from the Introduction to the John Loftus anthology “Christianity in the Light of Science”
      1. Use anything to cast some measure of doubt, no matter how small, disregarding the probabilities that the science is correct
      2. Question the motives of scientists claiming their after money or some (undefined) malevolent motive
      3. Magnify any disagreements between scientists, citing “gadflies,” the discredited and minority groups as authorities authorities
      4. Scare people by exaggerating potential harms or risks to accepting the science
      5. Appeal to personal freedom, saying no-one should be forced to accept something if they do not wish to
      6. Object that the science repudiates key points of theology or philosophy.

      These methods were dated as far back as 1865 and the objections that chiropractors had to vaccination

  2. Over 3,000 deaths 3 days in a row
    302,000 deaths total

    • neilrieck Says:

      A little over 18-years ago, the USA lost ~3,000 lives on one day due to the 9/11 attacks; and Americans took it seriously. The current death rate due to COVID-19 is over 3,000 lives every day but many now scream “fake news”.

      comment: depending upon how you count them, there really have been only two technological revolutions which largely affected human society: the “industrial revolutions” were all energy-based and included everything from chemical to electrical then nuclear. Data existed in various forms (books, etc) until electricity enabled several “data revolutions” enabling everything from telecommunications to computers then the internet. Today, data (from revolution #2) is much more more powerful than energy (from revolution #1) as the value of tech companies proves and yet, many Americans simply dismiss the products of rev-2 (data is dismissed as fake) while they cling to the products of rev-1 (make coal great again)

  3. al mar Says:

    That’s the Repugs for you: Always willing to trade blood for money.

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