“2020s Are Going to be Amazing”: Tony Seba on Disruptive Technology

December 7, 2020

Readers will be familiar with futurist Tony Seba, and for you,
the ideas presented here won’t be new, but the discussion is nevertheless useful, because as the concepts are kind of fundamental, and worth repeating.

3 Responses to ““2020s Are Going to be Amazing”: Tony Seba on Disruptive Technology”

  1. I can see from this read that he doesn’t understand ERoI and scale, and gives no thought to all the future wrecked scenery and chopped birds & bats. Give me someone like J.H. Kunstler over these techno-Pollyannas.


    “100% renewable energy” is bogus math unless nuclear fusion can power all sorts of mobile machines that need dense energy 24/7. You should cover the blatant crock of carbon-credits, which are just sleight of hand for clever companies.

    Apple claims to already be powered by that mythical 100%, which has been the subject of many debunkings.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Stop lying about energy.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      If you’re so freaking concerned about excess bird deaths, why don’t you go after human activities that kill the most wild birds? I think your objection to wind turbines is aesthetic. If you can’t see the lung damage (humans and birds) from coal plants or the methane releases from oil&gas wells, then they must not exist, right? Why bother looking at silly data when you can make emotional appeals to “chopped birds & bats”?

      Yes, there are people “bothered” by wind turbines, like there are people bothered by EMF emissions from cell towers even before the cell towers are powered up or get cancer from 5G or chem trails.

      BTW, how many “mobile machines” need dense energy 24/7? I never heard that nonsense before. Certainly not planes, trains, trucks and automobiles. Space probes? Skynet?

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