Half of Us Live in Bizarro World – Can We Pierce the Ignorance Bubble?

November 21, 2020

Half the country is living in an imaginary Universe. How is that?
The War on Science conducted against climate scientists over the last 40 years is a huge part, I believe the most important underlying driver, behind America, and the World’s, disconnect from science, journalism, and respect for factual information.


5 Responses to “Half of Us Live in Bizarro World – Can We Pierce the Ignorance Bubble?”

  1. renewableguy Says:

    I’ve been at the comments for 15 years now on climate. 4 corners of deciet explains it quite well.

  2. It is no problem at all to pierce the ignorance bubble. Just follow general newssites, avoid dodgy social media sources. Use your common sense. etc. People in the USA dont live in a totalitarian state with hardly any freedom to inform themselves. They live in a free country. They, that is those who live in ingnorance bubbles, chose to live in them out of their free will.

  3. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Denigrate their lying leaders in public. They are narcissistic pricks and may be discouraged. The rank and file of the denier/trumpists may take it on board as they are not being attacked directly.
    How to do this? Work on it. I have sent a ‘thank you’ encouraging email to ex PM Turnbull for his spanking of a Murdoch journalist
    See my video Crock: who is the nuttiest. 11 Nov 2020.

  4. neilrieck Says:

    Part of the problem is due to the world-wide-web robbing newspaper publishers of their revenue streams. Then big companies (like CBS) made things worse as they tried to make a profit after going online (one example: the popular TV news program “60 minutes” used to post all their videos online; anyone could go back and review a news story as I tried to do after they interviewed the American responsible for working with Facebook to get Trump elected in 2016 “without ANY help from Russia”; but old videos now sit behind a web-paywall and the result is obvious: pay=truth vs. conspiracy=free). COMMENT-1: I was talking to a lawyer at my gym a few months back when I made the comment “it seems like half of society is unable to hold two opposing facts in their minds at the same time” and was surprised with his response:” it has been that way for a very long time which is why the courts do jury selection”. And this got me thinking: should their be some sort of citizen competency test prior to allowing a citizen to cast a ballot? COMMENT-2: a couple of weeks ago I notice a WWE wrestling advert on TV with a price tag of $15 per month. I thought “I my god; WWE have their own network and they’ve got enough suckers on the line to offer it as a premium channel. Then it hit me: many Americans cannot tell the difference between their favorite WWE wrestling characters and Trump vs Biden. In fact, much of the boisterous verbiage we hear from Trump and Giuliani only make sense from a WWE perspective.

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