Fox News Poll: Big Support for Clean Energy

November 3, 2020

Anthony Scaramucci on Twitter:

Fox News polls tonight find that 72% of Americans favor changing to a government-run healthcare solution and 70% favor higher government spending on green energy. Hey @GOP, your platform is obsolete. Hey @TheDemocrats, time to be bolder.

4 Responses to “Fox News Poll: Big Support for Clean Energy”

  1. jimbills Says:

    And yet….

    At least in 2020, voters still haven’t prioritized climate change (or even healthcare) in their voting. As of now, it’s looking like Biden will eke out a win in the electoral, despite easily winning the popular vote and despite legal (and otherwise) shenanigans from the GOP. But the Democrats didn’t manage to win the Senate while losing seats in the House. So, best case, a Biden Presidency will be blocked on any even slightly meaningful legislation towards climate change. Goodbye $2 trillion Biden green plan, hello yet more inaction.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      That’s because they voted for Biden because he’s not quite as bad a fascist as Trump, and because he doesn’t outright deny climate catastrophe and the pandemic are happening. Bernie would likely have beaten Trump by 20 points and taken all the swing states, by having positions that fit in with large majorities of the US public on almost every issue, including climate. (And of course, being neither insane nor demented nor sold out to the corporate duopoly, at least not completely.)

      The public needs to be brought along, educated about how dire the ecological crisis is so they’ll consider the only solutions that will work—a massive emergency government-led climate mobilization on energy, agriculture, forestry, and industry; radical political and economic equalization; recognizing our crises as psychological (and the right wing duopoly as insane); and all the other things we need to do that almost no one outside left wing and environmental sites and a few books and articles in the leftish press mentions. Biden and the corporate Democrats will never do what’s needed without a peaceful revolution to force them, and we’ll need 10 or 12 million committed activists for that.

      • jimbills Says:

        You and I don’t disagree on general principles – except for one big one. You think the public can be educated, and I do not. People are not rational, they are very, very irrational, and no amount of careful explanation, private tutoring, activist confrontation, cajoling, etc., will sway them.

        Americans care more for their own pocketbook then they care about the environment. Period. Even most of the well-meaning turn a blind eye to environmental atrocities when it suits them.

        There can be a million polls about how Americans support green energy (which isn’t the same as caring for the environment, but it’s something), but until they actually vote that way, it’s meaningless. Almost half the voters chose a guy, in 2020, who is actively eroding the very few things we are doing as a government to fight climate change and build green energy.

        On Sanders, I definitely support him, I would have preferred him as President instead of Biden (or Trump), but I think he would have been slaughtered in the race. Trump gained support from large sections of the country on his insane lies about how all Democrats, including Biden, are socialists. Biden lost Florida due to the Cuban vote breaking towards Trump because of socialist fear mongering. Biden also picked up a lot of support from independents and moderate Republicans that Sanders would not have gotten. Biden picked up a fair turnout from Black voters that didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton, and Sanders has had a super rough time with that demographic in the primaries.

        Absolutely, we need radical change in multiple areas, especially climate change. It has to happen for us to negotiate past real environmental disasters in our future. I think it’s patently obvious radical change won’t happen pro-actively, though. We just aren’t as intelligent a species as we think we are. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, we absolutely should, but how many more examples do we need of how dumb we are as a species and as a country?

        I voted for Biden, as Sanders wasn’t the candidate and as my state was a potential swing state this election. (It turned out not to be, so my vote counts for diddly in this ridiculous electoral system.) I agree with the comment that at least Biden won’t actively erode the very little we are currently doing towards climate change and green energy, but he wasn’t going to do nearly enough before Congress was lost to the Republicans in this election, and now he can do, assuming he wins, even less.

  2. sailrick Says:

    At least Biden would be able to fire all those fossil fuel corporate shills, who Trump appointed to every agency related to the environment.

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