Nature Break: Water and Birds

October 31, 2020

Been dealing with stress today.
Being outside helps.

2 Responses to “Nature Break: Water and Birds”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Thank you for this, Peter.

    BTW, it’s a sign of the time that when I saw the geese sitting quietly ~0:36, I automatically saw conversation bubbles pop up over them:

    G1: “Did everyone vote, yet?”
    G2: “In person, last week.”
    G3: “Curbside.”
    G4: “Mailed in ballot two weeks ago.”
    G5: “Waited in line for two hours on Monday.”
    G6: “My kid and I are going to tough it out on Election Day.”
    G7: “Wait, there’s an election?”

  2. Ann Says:

    Sometimes being outside helps more than anything else! Glad you could go.

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