Tesla Battery a Game Changer?

October 24, 2020

Energy geeks, help me out here.

The vid above talks about new Tesla battery tech in the context of “Vehicle to Grid” (V2G) applications.

The news about extremely long battery life seem to be solid, – (see below, I am not familiar with this source)
but I thought I heard Elon Musk say on “Battery Day” that the company was not going to pursue V2G. What gives?

Next Big Future:

Jeffrey Dahn is an energy expert who is working with Tesla. He has been testing lithium ion batteries for three years and has reached 10,000 and even 15,000 discharge and charging cycles. The lithium ion batteries they are testing have not reached the end of life. They have shown minimal degradation.

A 350 kilometer (217 miles) range electric car would be able to drive over 2 million miles with 10,000 charges. However, the only reason Dahn cannot claim 30,000 charging cycles is that he will need about six more years to prove that the batteries last that long. Tesla is making longer range cars with 400 miles range and in the next few years will have 500-700 mile range cars. This likely means that 30,000 charging cycles for a 500 mile range car would mean 15 million mile range vehicles.

This also means that the better lithium ion batteries can be used for vehicle to grid and many other applications.


8 Responses to “Tesla Battery a Game Changer?”

    • Even if true (big if) how long will it take to:
      prove the concept;
      build an experimental reactor;
      add on the generation equipment;
      build a full size reactor/generator;
      run for the year or more to show safety;
      plan the first commercial plant;
      build that plant.

      You are looking at a minimum of 10-12 years


      Solar and wind are already available at grid scale
      Battery storage is already available at grid scale

  1. […] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rwYNgkhXoA Energy geeks, help me out here. The vid above talks about new Tesla battery tech in the context of … View full source […]

  2. Gingerbaker Says:

    The other important thing about Tesla’s new larger battery tech is that it is already being produced in-house on an automated production line. So, not only have they drastically improved a new battery design and architecture, they have already accomplished the hard part – making the battery at speed. And it takes a lot less time and space to do this than all previous battery production.

    Their new design for the actually battery pack which goes into the vehicle is also a quantum leap forward, as it eliminates a large number of parts and connections, and will provide superior cooling/heating.

    This is why Tesla is going to be very hard to emulate – they constantly improve, upgrade, redesign, invent better tech and incorporate the improvements into the products. Immediately. Other automakers are much more monolithic and inflexible.

    Keep your eyes on the new factory under construction in Austin. They are just starting to pour concrete footers now. This factory is gigantic – 3,800+ feet long, 1000+ feet across. Room to make the Semi, the Cybertruck, sedans and batteries. Then the real disruption starts.

    • Hahaha! They better not be pouring concrete footers yet. To the best of my knowledge they don’t have any development permits yet. My staff is involved in environmental review for the project. BUT it IS coming fast and they will be up and running soon. They are continually redeveloping the proposal on the fly. High risk development strategy but likely to pay off.

      • Keith McClary Says:

        Musk don’t need no steenkin’ permits.
        “Coronavirus: Musk defies orders and reopens Tesla’s California plant”

      • Gingerbaker Says:

        They’ve got about 50 footers in the ground and have poured the first stages of giant piers to hold casting machines last week.

        They are going to need thousands of pre-made rebar grids or they are going to needs months just to do rebar for the floors.

        Take a look here:

  3. I think it is a difference in emphasis re V2G and stationary storage. The really big progress coming soon will be in storage. But vehicle storage linked to the grid will definitely be a factor.


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