Johnny Covidseed: Trump Rallies Followed by ‘Rona Spikes

October 24, 2020

Killing his own followers on the way out.

2 Responses to “Johnny Covidseed: Trump Rallies Followed by ‘Rona Spikes”

  1. indy222 Says:

    He claims he could go out on 5th Ave and shoot someone and his slavish followers wouldn’t abandon him. He’s right (for once). He can bring a machine gun and 2 million rounds of ammo and mow down all of New York, in population, and his 40+% of followers don’t care. It’s amazing to behold. What kind of psychopaths are WE, that his is true?
    This is the real block to halting climate change. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we elected Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s – the greatest Western Nation on Earth. Germany did this. And we’re following with Trump. I can believe a lunatic 2% fringe could still support Trump. But 45% of voters? After 20,000+ lies, and such obvious disregard for everyone, including his own “base”?
    Climate education is lost on such people. Might as well be speaking in sea-gull language to them.

    • jimbills Says:

      We’re not a rational species. We’re a rationalizing species.

      I have some hope for this election that we’ll kick this monster clown to the curb, but the Republicans are trying every voter suppression trick possible.

      From the last debate, at the time, I felt Biden was clear as to why we need to transition away from oil and fracking. Trump was happy with what Biden said, though – he felt Biden was giving him and edge in Pennsylvania and Texas. Biden and Harris since then have been backtracking a bit, while the Republicans have been rejoicing. A single state’s electoral votes could make the difference in our Presidential elections. And that’s the country we live in regarding climate change. Pure madness – normalized, rationalized.

      Union leaders have Biden’s back on fracking. But in Pennsylvania, their members aren’t so sure.

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