My Question for Amy Coney Barrett

October 14, 2020

I’ll never be a Senator, but if I was, I have my own question for Amy Coney Barrett.

I posed this on twitter yesterday:

Judge Barrett, you are obviously a knowledgeable attorney, and my colleagues are covering a number of the legal issues that we need to examine in these proceedings.

Most of my constituents are not attorneys. I believe they want to take the measure of a new Supreme Court Judge, but lack the back ground to evaluate many of the finer legal points

What my constituents do expect from a  judge, is, however, quite simply, good judgement

You recently attended a crowded public event at the White House where there were no masks, no social distancing, and indoor group meetings, in the midst of an ongoing deadly pandemic

An event which a reasonable, well informed, and scientifically literate person would have seen as a possible super spreader event, and which, in fact, turned out to be such

As we consider you for the nation’s highest Judgeship, what do you think this decision-making tells us about your judgement? 

Do you accept the commonly understood science of disease causality and transmission?
This is relevant, in that you will no doubt be called upon to evaluate scientific issues. 

You also brought your children to that event, with no masks, seating them closely by a number of people who might very well have been carriers of the virus

If you put your own children, who I am sure you love, in this kind of position, what should we believe about your concern and care for America’s children, my children, their children, or the next 10,000 generations of children? 

UPDATE: Brad Johnson adds insight below

Daily Poster:

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday declared that she does not have firm views on the existence and threat of climate change. The court is preparing to hear a climate case involving fossil fuel giants, including Shell Oil, where her father spent much of his career.

With major climate cases pending before the high court, Barrett was asked by Republican Sen. John Kennedy if she had thought about climate change. She responded: “I’ve read about climate change. I’m certainly not a scientist. I mean, I’ve read things on climate change. I would not say I have firm views on it.”

Less than two weeks before the confirmation hearings, the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal by Royal Dutch Shell and other oil giants that are being sued by cities and states for the climate damage those companies created. Shell and the others are asking justices to allow the case to be heard in federal court.

In 2018, Inside Climate News reported that “internal company documents uncovered by a Dutch news organization show that the oil giant Shell had a deep understanding, dating at least to the 1980s, of the science and risks of global warming caused by fossil fuel emissions.” 

Barrett’s father, Michael, has written that “most of my legal career was spent as an attorney with Shell in New Orleans.” 

5 Responses to “My Question for Amy Coney Barrett”

  1. Roger Walker Says:

    And my question:

    Have you read the IPCC’s reports? If not, why not? After all, the executive summaries are written for politicians, by definition non-scientists.

  2. doldrom Says:

    Actually, she and her whole family have already had Covid, and are thus immune.

    She will not be as sympathetic to big corporations as is being suggested here.

    Many of these partisan questions are lose/lose propositions in her position; I can see why candidates will try to get out from under being vilified or demonized by either the one side or the other.

  3. neilrieck Says:

    Check out this video from FFRF:

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