Biden Climate Ad is a First

October 6, 2020

Our Daily Planet:

Past Democratic presidential nominees have certainly acknowledged the threat of climate change in their campaigns, though the issue has never been one to run on in and of itself. In 2008, then-Senator Obama committed to an 80% emissions reduction from 1990 levels by 2050 as part of his campaign, though his messaging was confusing at times. And in 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t shy away from addressing the climate crisis, but she talked about it markedly lessafter winning her party’s nomination and didn’t hold a campaign event devoted solely to climate change until 3 weeks before the election.

Which is why it’s worth noting that current Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden today put out an entire political ad devoted to the issue of climate change (the first presidential nominee to do so). The ad features John King, the co-owner of King Orchards, a fruit farm in Central Lake, Michigan and highlights the ways in which climate change – including late spring frosts, flooding, and droughts – continues to wreak havoc on Northern Michigan cherry farmers.

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