In Debates: A Liveable Planet has Been an Afterthought

September 29, 2020

Below, CNN’s Candy Crowley’s famous dismissal of “climate people”.

Above, Candy Crowley of CNN, who moderated a Presidential debate in 2012, explains that she didn’t ask any questions about climate change, because, among other things, the price of gas.

Btw, “media people”, by “climate people”, did you mean the next 50,000 generations of human beings?

Debate moderator Chris Wallace is of course, a quintessential beltway insider, and thus chronically checked out from the most vital concerns of the real world, certainly the natural world that supports us all.
Gizmodo Earther has some suggestions.


Tonight is first debate between an uninspiring moderate presidential candidate in former Vice President Joe Biden and an absolute monster in our current president, Donald Trump. Can’t wait!

Ahead of the show, Fox News host Chris Wallace, who’ll be moderating the train wreck, announced the six topics he’ll focus on in his questions. They include the candidates’ records, the Supreme Court, the pandemic gripping the country and the economy, election integrity, and, “race and violence in our cities.”

This is problematic for many reasons. For one, “race and violence in our cities?” What on Earth is that framing? Also, he left something pretty important out: the climate crisis, the gravest threat humanity has ever faced. 

But look, I’m not calling Chris out, I’m calling him in. I’m simply here to offer him advice. And it’s not too late to make some changes! This is Earther, where as one commenter put it, “everything is about climate change.” Here’s how to work climate questions into each of these six topics.

An easy one! Wallace should ask Trump about his absolutely horrific environmental record. There are tons of options here, so he can get creative! Maybe you’d like to ask about the administration’s decision to decimate the Endangered Species Act? Or the Clean Power Plan? Or protections for clean and safe water? Maybe he could ask Trump how he responds to polls showing U.S. voters think his awful environmental policy is his biggest weakness!


One Response to “In Debates: A Liveable Planet has Been an Afterthought”

  1. Roger Walker Says:

    Candy Crowley – did she ever complete one sentence?

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