Climate Denial Kingpin Cuccinelli is Target of National Security WhistleBlower

September 10, 2020

Then: Ken Cuccinelli was the Attorney General of Virginia and running for Governor. He relentlessly (but unsuccessfully) attacked a leading climate scientist, Michael Mann.

Now: Same guy, working in the Department of Homeland Security, when he’s not ripping babies from their mother’s arms, is trying to cover up intelligence about Russian attacks on our elections.

Lesson: Once you’ve betrayed your children, betraying your country is a snap.

Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent in Washington Post:

House Democrats just released a complaint from a new whistleblower at the Department of Homeland Security. It makes a series of extraordinary charges about senior DHS officials seeking to manipulate intelligence to boost Trump politically.

The complaint from the whistleblower, Brian Murphy, a senior official at DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, claims intense pressure was brought to bear to hype the threat of leftist violence. The complaint says two top DHS officials — acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf and deputy Ken Cuccinelli — halted the distribution of a Homeland Threat Assessment because of how it “would reflect upon President Trump.”

“Two sections were specifically labeled as concerns: White Supremacy and Russian influence in the United States,” the complaint continues.

On Russian influence, the complaint says, Wolf ordered Murphy in May 2020 to report on efforts by China and Iran to interfere in our election, and to “cease providing intelligence assessments on the threat of Russian interference.”

Incredibly, the complaint says Murphy “would not comply with these instructions, as doing so would put the country in substantial and specific danger.”

The hyping of China and Iran seemed designed to false-equivalence away Russian interference, as Trump wants. Notably, we’ve already seen previous intelligence reports on foreign interference play this same deception game.

On white supremacy, the complaint describes discussions in May and June of 2020 with Cuccinelli about the DHS threat assessment at which this happened: Mr. Cuccinelli stated that Mr. Murphy needed to specifically modify the section on White Supremacy in a manner that made the threat appear less severe, as well as include information on the prominence of violent “left-wing” groups. Mr. Murphy declined to make the requested modifications, and informed Mr. Cuccinelli that it would constitute censorship of analysis and the improper administration of an intelligence program.

That is simply remarkable — both in its downplaying of the right wing extremist threat and in its hyping of a leftist one.

Now remember that many of Trump’s top national security officials — including Attorney General William P. Barr, national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien and acting Customs and Border Protection chief Mark Morgan — have made public statements hyping the notion of a left-wing domestic terror threat.

Wolf, for his part, sent DHS enforcement officers to Portland, Ore., in defiance of local officials, plainly to create the authoritarian TV imagery that Trump felt cheated out of when he didn’t get to send troops into U.S. cities.


2 Responses to “Climate Denial Kingpin Cuccinelli is Target of National Security WhistleBlower”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    Guys like this are the Joseph McCarthy politicians of our time.
    Many Americans back then knew Joe was wrong but didn’t know how to take him down. Thankfully, people like Edward R. Murrow came along to change the tide. I wonder who will contribute to fixing today’s problems.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Yes, neil, but it wasn’t just the news professionals at that moment. After years of bullying and lies that most went along with silently, even collaborated with, and many previously powerful men in the movie and other industries just bent over for, accepting the terms of their scapegoating and the wrecking of their lives, the spell was finally broken at one moment when an almost comically and stereotypically Capraesque unassuming man just refused to be cowed, and told the truth.

      “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

      Transcript for this part of the Army-McCarthy hearings:

      For insight into the Mr (Roy) Cohn mentioned over and over and the hypocritical nature of all these men, past and present, see the film version of Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America.

      “At long last have you no decency?” still rings as true and historic as Lexington and Concord. We need it to. I notice how genteel even McCarthy seems, compared to the pathetic malignancy of Herr Twittler, and how much less all his even more pathetic ass-licking camp-followers are, including the Wetiko mets in the Democratic party. McCarthy at least could shape shift the appearance of a normal person.

      The Mango Mussolini, Barr, and the Steves Miller and Bannon all stand out in extraordinary creepiness even before they open their mouths; except for the constant patina of Cheeto-dust makeup on the head mango, the covers over the machine parts range all the way from pasty to doughy. Biden stands out in mean, grumpy arrogance and Pelosi in pure haughty arrogance, so much more obvious than McCarthy but with even greater powers of hypnosis.



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