Global Map Shows Weather Whiplash

September 9, 2020

University of Maine – Climate Re-analyzer:

Blue colors are cold temperature anomalies (cooler than average) – red/orange are warm anomalies.

The Arctic has come down to stay with us for a while.

5 Responses to “Global Map Shows Weather Whiplash”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Aside from record fires in California, quick freeze in Wyoming, and the Atlantic/Caribbean cranking out tropical storms to eat through the alphabet, everything is just fine.

  2. grindupbaker Says:

    The Jet Stream isn’t very wonky September 10th so beats me. Here’s the semi-annual heat for the Arctic Ocean, centred 75.4N. The warm air is only accurate to a few w/m**2, the small numbers +/- 1
    03-22 09-22 to
    to 09-22 03-22
    147 10 Sunshine absorbed
    67 163 Warm air from south
    0 20 Water freeze to sea ice latent heat
    10 10 Atlantic Intermediate Water (AIW)
    —- —-
    224 203 Total heat provided
    The heat above goes:
    204 162 Radiated to space at 4 degrees, -12 degrees
    20 0 Melt sea ice latent heat
    0 41 Mystery heat (inversion?, ocean ?)
    —- —-
    224 203 Total heat provided
    I’m thinking that mystery heat disappeared will be mostly heat radiated to space from high altitude because large tropospheric temperature lapse rate inversions over Arctic Ocean in autumn/winter because that huge 163 Warm air from south is coming in at high altitude so maybe there’s much heat not making it to surface. Numbers are rough for general illustration because it’s like pulling teeth to get comprehensive, accurate input analysis for me (there’s no way I’ll be computing from billions of raw data points). I don’t know whether Warm air from south 67,163 would increase or decrease with Jet Stream wonk. The Jet Stream formula form must be:
    Acceleration[west—>east] = f (Velocity[south—>north], latitude)

    • grindupbaker Says:

      I meant to include, when/if there were no sea ice on Arctic Ocean April-September then the 147 Sunshine absorbed increases to 189 (so interpolate it). I don’t know what warm air from south 67,163 changes to though, whether it increases due to more Jet Stream wonk changing the heat drop from 40N-90N that way or whether it decreases because it’s only going there because it’s colder there.

  3. grindupbaker Says:

    There’s a small forcing missing from IPCC AR5 table of forcings. 3% of the forcing over the last 100 years or some such is due to the direct heating by humans doing some carbon oxidation (C+O2—>CO2 + heat, exothermic) some oxidation of other elements by humans and by humans converting matter to energy by nuclear fission (e=m*c**2). Since that forcing is 1.5x the solar forcing in the IPCC AR5 table it should be shown as an anthropogenic forcing.

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