“Both Sides” False Balance Worse than Denial

September 2, 2020

I’ve been harsh on David Wallace-Wells in the past.

Apparently not harsh enough. Won’t make that error again.

10 Responses to ““Both Sides” False Balance Worse than Denial”

  1. jimbills Says:

    DWW re-tweeted Mann’s point, and his follow-up thread can be found here:

    He clearly didn’t realize how his original post would be perceived, and because of it his intended point was missed. Everything is so politically charged these days, but a quarter of total global man-made emissions have been created since 2008, no matter where one stands politically.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    About a quarter of all carbon emissions ever produced in the entire history of humanity have been produced since Cyprus and Malta adopted the euro.

  3. Alex Tarr Says:

    Why is this site accepting ads from Trump??

  4. redskylite Says:

    While DWW did not mean to target Joe Biden and the Obama administration in particular, it was an unfortunate choice during the ongoing latter parts of the electioneering, when the subject is highlighted daily in the news, and we can see it has clearly confused some of the twitterites (from the comments), and show how easily humans can misunderstand intentions, probably by the amount of attention they devote to the “social media” platform.

    Please think more deeply in future DWW, before pressing the enter button – you are an influencer after all.


    Why ‘Carbon Neutral’ Is the New Climate Change Mantra

    “Climate experts blame the vast build-up in atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution for speeding up global warming. Without radical measures to reduce emissions, scientists warn that the fight against climate change will become unwinnable. CO2 pollution is still rising — 2019 was another record — and is unlikely to peak before 2040, driven by growing use of fossil fuels, says the International Energy Agency.”


  5. BL Brown Says:

    Linking the timeline here to Obama and Biden is at best misleading. While Democratic plans/ proposals have clearly been too limited (which might be regarded as excusable, given the political headwinds), Republican intransigence and fossil fuel propaganda operations are the elephant in the room: their plan, it seems, is simply to burn the world (possibly on the assumption that they and most of their supporters will be dead before the feces hit the cooling system).

    • jimbills Says:

      It’s at worst misleading, at best naive about how it would be perceived. It was very poor wording, even though what he said was technically correct. I just don’t think we should rush to judgment on the guy and tar and feather him.

      Since that post, DWW has re-tweeted a Joe Biden post about Trump vs. the environment, an article from Jane Fonda calling Trump a fascist, a link about Trump’s failures with ‘reviving’ coal, and he’s personally tweeted that electing Biden is very important.

      Before this recent stuff, he’s written multiples articles and tweeted repeatedly about how Trump is a failure:


      But one poorly worded tweet and he’s the enemy, and one worse than a denier?

  6. J4Zonian Says:

    Obama was elected with the Democrats controlling both houses of Congress, and they did nothing. For 8 years including the campaign Obama did nothing on climate, then went legacy shopping his last year and a half and initiated some too-late, too-small, easily reversible measures that were…reversed. The Democrats’ refusal to allow the US people the progressive policies they overwhelming want has led to their being out of power despite the Republican being utterly insane, and to the relentless rightward movement of the country. Putting the whole blame on either Trump or the Republicans is leading to the wrong solutions.

    If the Democrats would kick their addiction to corporate money and all the other things the Republicans are addicted to, the Republicans would be a tiny, powerless party as important in US politics as the Communist party is. As long as the corporate duopoly is in power, the US will not do what’s necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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