Video: POTUS Non-Engaged on Laura

August 27, 2020

5 Responses to “Video: POTUS Non-Engaged on Laura”

  1. doldrom Says:

    OK. So he makes a joke, proving he’s actually listening.
    The presentation is not that interesting and no actionable decisions to be heard.
    Maybe he didn’t have enough sleep, happens to a lot of people

    I was always anti-Trump, but this is seems like squeezing the toothpaste tube.

  2. Don Osborn Says:

    Actually it is unlikely that was a joke.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      No, it was not a joke. Unless you think the aimless maundering of a mentally ill person is funny. Maybe he’ll go down there and throw paper towel rolls into a crowd to show his “engagement”.

    • jimbills Says:

      It’s a joke for him, but in his mind EVERYTHING he sees directly relates to him and how he looks. He’s essentially filtering out the impacts of Laura by building a narrative that the blown glass in that building was the fault of a contractor – i.e. making the hurricane less bad, and therefore it won’t have much impact on his favorability ratings.

      The videos above are a minor example of his thought processes work, a bit like toothpaste tube wringing, but they’re representative to how he acts towards issues like climate change.

      Trump has resting constipation face, really. He always looks like that when he’s attending something not focused on him.

      On the skyscraper, some crazy dude filmed it live:

  3. funslinger62 Says:

    You don’t want to use that guy as a president, right? He isn’t doing too good a job.

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