Katharine Hayhoe: Did Climate Change Cause this Storm?

August 27, 2020

Not new information, I know, for readers here, but I hope you will share this very good and thoughtful piece by my friend Dr Katharine Hayhoe.

Teachable moment in the short attention span era.

3 Responses to “Katharine Hayhoe: Did Climate Change Cause this Storm?”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Even the less science-savvy people I know along the Gulf Coast (NOLA, Lake Charles area) appreciate how warm the waters in the GoM have been, and what that means for hurricanes. The people who work on the shrimp/fish boats and even on the rigs should be noticing that.

  2. neilrieck Says:

    Back in the day, people asked the question “is is nurture or nature?” The correct answer was always “it is nurture -AND- nature”. Likewise with all weather phenomena, a non-scientist might ask “was this storm caused by climate change?” with, perhaps, an implied “or not?” dangling from the end. 100% of all scientists would answer “the strom was natural -AND- was affected by climate change”. At least this would be true of scientists who have not been co-opted by politics.

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