Houston, You have a Problem

August 22, 2020

More updates as they come in.


NOLA now literally in the cross hairs.

2 Responses to “Houston, You have a Problem”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Think of the rain from Laura added on top of the waterways filled by Marco.
    (I have family in NOLA and a brother building a house in SW Louisiana. At least they’re all storm-savvy.)

  2. More signs of a changing climate? It looks like nothing if you only look at the global average warming. In my own study I found 0,33 °C over 40 years. This looks like nothing but it is the severe weather conditions that matters. Just like the Netherlands it is drought that matters. Image Holland the country that has more water than land and we have the third year in a row with drought.

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