Hurricane Season Hits High Gear

August 20, 2020

See Jeff Berardelli’s thread above for more.

Houston Chronicle:

The average Atlantic hurricane season creates 12 named storms. But this year, 2020, is anything but average.

There have already been 11 named storms at the (almost) half-way point, and three “disturbances” are currently being tracked. One of these might be headed toward Texas, though it’s too early to know for sure.

With mid-August through October being the historical peak for storms, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently upped its forecast to as many as 25 named storms before the 2020 season ends Nov. 30.

“We’re looking already at a very, very active season so far,” said Isha Renta, a National Weather Service forecaster. “And as we head into the peak of the hurricane season, which is upcoming in the next month, we can definitely expect more activity.”

In May, NOAA had forecast up to 19 named storms.

There are several factors contributing to this especially active season, Renta said. First, there’s a possible La Niña developing in the next couple of months. La Niña condition occurs when surface water in the equatorial regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean becomes cooler than normal. La Niña can enhance hurricane activity in the Atlantic, whereas the opposite condition, El Niño, helps to suppress hurricane activity.

One Response to “Hurricane Season Hits High Gear”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    Sea surface temperature (SST) in its collection zone to SSE 29.0 – 29.3 If it gets shoved to ~Cuba then it warms suddenly to 30.3 – 30.9 I seem to recall that the base for a cyclone is 26.5 so whatever %age that is.

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