The War on Science is Over. Looks Like We Lost.

August 4, 2020

Jonathan Swan’s interview with the President revealed a hapless, helplessly ignorant boob, desperately trying to lie to himself, and obviously surrounded by cowardly enablers.

This is what you get after a 30 year Republican War on Science.

Daily Beast:

It’s sometimes hard to determine whether President Trump is being willfully misleading or if he truly believes what he’s saying. But an astonishing interview clip from Axios appears to show that Trump has genuinely managed to convince himself that his response to the coronavirus pandemic has been effective—because he only considers partial and deceptively flattering statistics to be true. Brandishing childishly simplistic, brightly colored COVID-19 graphs presumably provided to him by aides trying to keep him happy, Trump proudly tells Axios’ Jonathan Swan that the U.S. is “lower than the world,” without elaborating.
When Swan looks at the chart, it becomes clear Trump is only considering death as a proportion of coronavirus cases—not as a proportion of population, which shows the U.S. is faring very badly. Trump snaps back: “You can’t do that.” Holding out his charts, he goes on: “You have to go by where… look, here is the United States… You have to go by the cases.” Asked why South Korea has lower deaths by population, Trump hints that he believes the country is faking its stats, without providing any evidence to support himself.



5 Responses to “The War on Science is Over. Looks Like We Lost.”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    Dana thinks “Jonathan Swan is every climate science-literate person arguing with a denier”. In a recent Web Log opinion Greenman stated that no person should do their own research so there should be no such entity as a “climate science-literate person” unless Dana was referring to a population of scientists working in their disciplines and to nobody else. Dana & Greenman should argue this out & let us know the correct procedure.

  2. This is what you get when your president believes in the cult of alternative facts.

  3. Abel Adamski Says:

    Plus I read of bodies being found in poorer communities, people who just died at home, fell sick and could not afford the ambulance or hospital so tried to handle it themselves, not counted as COVID deaths, just natural causes.

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