Eat Me, Rush. No, Wait…

July 14, 2020

UPDATE: Oh crap, it’s only been a few weeks, but I just remembered Alex Jones talked about eating his neighbors as well.

14 Responses to “Eat Me, Rush. No, Wait…”

  1. Tenney Naumer Says:

    Thank god he has no children.

  2. Peter A. Dimitriou Says:

    The Donner party cannibalism myth has been debunked.

    • jimbills Says:

      “myth” and “debunked” are far too strong as terms. There was an excavation a few decades ago that didn’t show any evidence for cannibalism, but a lack of evidence isn’t any sort of definitive proof. Additionally, there are plenty of written records by both the Donner party survivors and the rescuers that cannibalism did take place. They were there for an entire winter in frozen conditions with scarce game, and they survived. They ate everything they could, only resorting to cannibalism in isolated cases and as a very last resort.

      (This comment is not in any way a defense of the effwits Limbaugh and Jones.)

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    Limbaugh: “[the Donner Party] didn’t complain…they had to adapt… there seems to be no understanding in the millennial generation that we can adapt…” And later: “…We can’t shut down bars and restaurants every two months for a couple of weeks…”

    Limbaugh is telling millennial’s that proper adaptation may require them to eat their dead family members, but at least it won’t involve closing down their favorite bars and restaurants.

    “There’s nothing stopping it right now” That would be news to New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, France… oh heck: anywhere outside Trump’s wall.

    • leslie graham Says:

      Yep. I’m lucky enough to have emigrated to New Zealand when it became obvious what was about to go down in the UK.
      We have NO community transmission here. Not a single case for about 78 days now. All our bars are open.
      We had the strictest lockdown on the planet for about five weeks with virtually unanimous support for the government’s actions.
      To be fair we have lost about 14% of our economy in the tourist trade and who knows what the future will bring but for the idiot to say there is no stopping it is an insult to the ‘team of five million’ here in NZ who, with our Marxist Extemeist’ government (slightly left of centre to the world outside the US) have totally eliminated the virus from our island.
      Every few days a new case is detected in returning Kiwis but all returnees are placed in quaranteen for 14 days and tested before release.
      So far so good.

      • jimbills Says:

        I can only imagine what it feels like to walk around NZ right now with an almost zero chance of infection. In Texas, it’s a constant threat everywhere.

        That particular cost, the loss of a sense of security and normalcy, is hidden. It won’t show up in any of the data. But it affects everything we do, and it has a direct impact on economic activity.

        I’d be willing to bet that the countries that did take this very seriously when they needed to do so, even though it cost their economies dearly at first, will be the most economically stable afterwards. For an example, I don’t see how many bars here can possibly survive after a few months more of this.

        The view that we have to choose between either the economy or an effective coronavirus response is a false one. We won’t have a truly functional economy without a good response, because we won’t feel safe enough to behave as we normally do.

      • Keith Omelvena Says:

        I’m expecting another outbreak. This virus is extremely contagious. At some point a mistake will be made resulting in re introduction. We have just been lucky the many mistakes already made, haven’t resulted in community infection. The government obviously understands this, with their concerns over the lack of tracing app use publicised today. Other countries that were promoted as having the virus in check, are all now dealing with further outbreaks. Letting infections in at the border, is guaranteed re introduction. It’s a matter of when!

  4. Sir Charles Says:

    Alex Jones’ rival in love.

  5. neilrieck Says:

    Rush is a lunatic and is 100% wrong about 1918 and 1919. Back in May, I heard this piece on ScienceFriday where the author mentioned that there was a huge amount of denial back then and, like today, much of the insanity was political (people were suing the government for interfering with their constitutional rights). One remark from the author claimed that people back then were saying “Live free or die”. Many did both.

  6. Glenn Martin Says:

    I imagine both Alex and Rush are well marbled so fire up the BBQ!

  7. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Not being able to go out to a bar is so much worse than starving so badly that you eat your frozen friends and family members.

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