Climate Denial, Covid Denial, Part of the Same Syndrome

July 5, 2020

Above, Representative Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) pursues a breathtakingly moronic line of questioning around climate science, with former Secretary of State John Kerry.
Today, Rep. Massie still pursuing an anti-science agenda, this time with Corona virus.

The anti-science movement is by its nature, also an anti-human movement, and is now killing Americans by the thousands.

For clarification, Attorney Teri Kanefield has the citations.

17 Responses to “Climate Denial, Covid Denial, Part of the Same Syndrome”

  1. doldrom Says:

    Ah, the masks.
    Fauci has said more than once they are not effective.
    The official CDC position is that they are not (on their website).
    It says right on the N95 packaging that they do not prevent the transmission of disease.
    There has never been a RCT since 1918 that proves masking accomplishes anything.

    It is basic science that breath condenses on exhaling (hence seeing your breath).
    Of the millions of droplets formed each breath, you are only “filtering” the largest 1000-5000 – the rest can still contain a viable innoculum of virions. That’s why in bio labs they wear 3 layers of protection and have positive air pressure in the suits and the lab.

    Most people concentrate any virus particles in the mask, wear it around their chin, touch the mask numerous times adjusting it, donning and doffing, and spread it around.

    Are we really sure that respiration is the major transmission vector? Respiratory diseases typically wane and wax with the absolute humidity (particles spread better in dry/cold air; and people spend more time indoors when it’s cold). The curve is a fit like CO² and temperature. Why does Covid not display the same behavior?

    It would be great if people spent more attention to discussing the actual science part instead of using it as an authority cudgel.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    Unbelievable that wearing a mask has become a partisan issue in the US.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      DUH yet again!

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        Get treatment for your OCD responding just to whine about SC’s comments.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Pay attention—-I only append a “DUH” to some of Chucky’s most inane, irrelevant, repetitive low level common knowledge, and OCD “look at me” comments. IMO, his behavior detracts from our enjoyment of Crock—ALL of us would nave a better experience if he could exercise just a bit of self-control.

          BTW, the hidden 5G tire chip may be the ONLY adult humor he has ever posted—-it WAS a good one.

  3. Sir Charles Says:

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