Music Break: Jackson Browne – Before the Deluge

June 6, 2020

Bridge Magazine (Michigan):

MIDLAND — The owner of a Gladwin County dam that failed and prompted widespread evacuations Tuesday was cited repeatedly by federal officials for safety violations, including failing to fix spillways used to prevent flooding, records show.

Federal authorities revoked the licenses of owners Boyce Hydro Power LLC in 2018, alleging that it “failed for many years to comply with significant license and safety requirements, notwithstanding having been given opportunities to come into compliance.”

In court papers and federal records, regulators wrote that Boyce Hydro of Midland had a “history, going back to 2004” of missing deadlines to make repairs on the Edenville Dam that failed.

“That long history of noncompliance ranges from failing to report structural instability to inadequate water quality monitoring — but Boyce Hydro’s failure, in particular, to increase the spillway capacity to address flood risk has raised serious concerns about public safety,” the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wrote in a federal lawsuit over regulations in 2017.

3 Responses to “Music Break: Jackson Browne – Before the Deluge”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    After the horrific murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, and subsequent widespread protests, did Trump offer words of healing, a shred of empathy, or a commitment to fix what’s broken? No. True to form, he called out the military, pounded the Bible, and cast blame on anyone and everyone to the left of Abraham Lincoln. He took exactly zero responsibility for his blatantly racist words and deeds, starting with the Central Park Five and Birtherism, right up his “When The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts” tweet — a line also spouted by George Wallace.

    This video was created in honor of all people of color who have been so grievously wronged throughout our country’s troubled history.

    We thank John Lennon and Paul McCartney for writing the powerful song that inspired these new words and updated track by Founders Sing.

    • gmrmt Says:

      I appreciate your sentiments and agree with them but it completely ignores the topic of the post you’re replying to. Perhaps there are better forums or you could submit an article about Trumps’ complete obiviousness about the greatest threat to mankind that included this critique of his character.

  2. SmarterThanYourAverageBear Says:

    I’m imaging some massive lawsuits coming out of this disaster

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