Planet of the Humans Dumpster Fire Update

May 29, 2020

Planet of the Humans, is of course, Michael Moore’s dumpster fire of a movie that’s been taken to the bosom of the fossil fueled, climate denial, and white supremacist internet.

As I posted a few weeks ago, I received a message from Joanne Doroshow, former fact checker for Michael Moore’s TV show and several movies (Fahrenheit 451, Sicko) who was so appalled by the “excruciating” lack of honesty (and I would say, even sentience) in the film, she messaged me on facebook to express disappointment.
In a follow up phone call, she mentioned her previous associations with the Moore organization, and that she had been named in the acknowledgments in one of the books, of which she said she helped write several chapters.
“I think it was Downsize This..” she told me.

A couple clicks on Amazon, – actually more than a few because it was deep in the remainder bin zone, -= wait a few weeks, and the book showed up today.

Sure enough, as Joanne mentioned, Mike called her “one of the most honest people I know”. So I guess she has some cred.

She writes, “The director of this new film was someone we never let near the fact checking process. he seemed attracted to conspiracy theories and information that was not factual,”

Doroshow is Founder and currently Executive Director of the Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School.

Joanne Doroshow on Facebook:

I was not going to step into this mess, which many people have contacted me about over the last couple weeks. But because of my anti-nuclear background and my familiarity with all that went down in Midland, this one particularly pained me. So I am breaking my silence. I was involved in the research and fact checking process for various of Michael’s film, TV and book projects from the 1990s through 2007. During that period, Michael cared enough about the accuracy of his films that he complied when others told him he had to make changes to reflect facts and reality. I personally factually annotated some of these films and put entire “fact check bibles” on film websites. I dealt with studio lawyers doing fact and libel checks until they were satisfied. Believe me, by the time these projects saw the light of day, they were airtight. The director of this new film was someone we never let near the fact checking process. In my experience, he seemed attracted to conspiracy theories and information that was not factual, and I believed his influence on Michael could be damaging to his films. I cannot speak to what happened to Michael’s films after I stopped helping to ensure their accuracy but it is excruciating to see what has happened now – although it is not surprising. People disturbed by inaccuracies in this film are not “haters.” They, like I, are pained by them. The factual errors should never have happened.

Below, clip from Best of the Left podcast, which basically reads Doroshow’s post and concurs.


7 Responses to “Planet of the Humans Dumpster Fire Update”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    What is really disappointing to me is not just that Moore helped make this deplorable film, and then publicly defended it. It’s that he felt qualified to publish such a film without knowing enough about the topic to realize instantly just how deplorable it was.

    Wtf has he been doing with his time for the last two decades to not have educated himself about the number one problem humanity faces?

    What a schmuck.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Moore is not the only one who has spent the last two decades being less than they could be. I often used to listen to Limbaugh while on my morning commute 30 years ago, and although he was a conservative, he made intelligent arguments. I recall Lindsay Graham as another conservative who displayed some intelligence and concern for the greater good. All three now seem to have sold out to the idea of fame and fortune—welcome to America in the time of Trump (although it’s been going on for a while—Trump is just adding the last and biggest turds to the pile).

  2. indy222 Says:

    Well, I’d like to believe that this swap out of a good fact-checker and a bad one came in, can at least help explain things. I’d like to believe that this was horrific sloppiness and not calculated evil. I save the latter for the conservatives.

    But either way, it’s a poor reflection on character that he didn’t come clean immediately with a mea culpa and try to fix things. He’s trashed a reputation he had built carefully for decades. What a stupid stupid choice.

    Has he been drinking too much of that Flint tap water and the lead took away his IQ?

  3. grindupbaker Says:

    I think Fahrenheit 451 might be Fahrenheit 91/1 unless Michael’s published a firefighters’ calendar I haven’t heard of.

  4. grindupbaker Says:

    The marquee is absent the main, by far, aspect of worthlessness of that typical Artsy Fartsy infotainment feature-length film which is that it’s totally un-quantified in any worthwhile way. That’s the difference between Arts presentations and science or engineering presentations. The latter have worthwhile quantification of the relevant aspects.

  5. Paul Rattenbury Says:

    Mike’s discussion. And defence.
    ‘Planet’ may be ‘dated’ but at least its basic premises are facing in the right direction.
    Is our climate crisis worsened year by year ? Does Capitalism have its fingers in Every Pie ? Do Capitalists Greenwash as part of their commodification of everything ? Do they buy governments, justice systems and The Media ? IF resources are shared equally by inhabitants; how scarce are resources ? Are there too many humans ? Do they have a right to everything they can lay their hands on ? One thought further is that MOST of us only consider ‘green’ so that we can continue makin’ money and makin’ babies. Business as usual uber alles.
    One of the biggest charges is leveled against the point made about ‘population control’. The yootoob discussion quotes Bill McKibben’s book: Maybe One: A Case for Smaller Families Paperback – June 1 1999
    So why all the attacks on an important site like Climatecrocks ?

  6. […] UPDATE: There is more on this story that you can read here. […]

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