Music Break: Mos Def – New World Water

May 22, 2020


There’s nothing more refreshing (that cool refreshing drink)
Than a cool, crisp, clean gla** of water
On a warm summer’s day (That cool refreshing drink)
Try it with your friends

New World Water make the tide rise high
Come inland and make your house go “Bye” (My house!)
Fools done upset the Old Man River
Made him carry slave ships and fed him dead n****

Now his belly full and he about to flood somethin’
So I’m a throw a rope that ain’t tied to nothin’
‘Til your crew use the H2 in wise amounts since
It’s the New World Water; and every drop counts

You can laugh and take it as a joke if you wanna
But it don’t rain for four weeks some summers
And it’s about to get real wild in the half
You be buying Evian just to take a f***in bath

Heads is acting wild,… 

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