Building After Disaster – The Ellicott City Example

May 12, 2020

I’ve featured Ellicott City, Maryland’s disastrous “thousand year flood” in some past videos (see below)

Since the whole world is kind of being hit by a flood now, perhaps instructive to look at Ellicott City’s aspirational recovery plan,
Realizing they were facing the consequences of rampant development plus incremental climate change, they formulated another vision.

Building with nature, instead of being in denial.
Might not be a bad idea for a society needing to rise from the ashes.

The Ellicott ’16 flood is the opener of the video below.

One Response to “Building After Disaster – The Ellicott City Example”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    After deaths from the 1981 Shoal Creek flood, Austin instituted a lot of stormwater management regulations.

    I remember moving to the Austin area in 1993 and gaping at the giant concrete canyons required around mall parking lots. The best was noticing all the green park space in basins and along creeks well-used by runners and cyclists, but covered by meters of stormwater during major rain events.

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