Beyond Meat Interview: A Post Pandemic Ethos

May 11, 2020

4 Responses to “Beyond Meat Interview: A Post Pandemic Ethos”

  1. Dana Nuccitelli Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I really like Beyond Meat, and I’ve got some of their stock, which has done very well! It’s not exactly health food, but it is a really good way to transition to vegetarianism.

  2. Gingerbaker Says:

    Beyond meat products are available because it is highly-processed food. One guy at an instrument panel can pump out the product like nobody’s business. As apposed to a slaughter house, where a primary food source is packaged by a team of humans handling a natural and perishable product.

    Applauding a Beyond burger is like applauding soy infant formula as a substitute for natural mother’s milk. And the same deception that marketers brought to bear to discourage women in 3rd world countries from using their own breast milk is being seen in the marketing of meat substitutes with a never-ending disinformation campaign against meat.

    The companies behind the anti-meat propaganda are in the processed cereal and oils food business. They want to sell the world more foodstuffs that are yet another degree removed from real foods that are harvested, which is what we should endeavor to eat – foods as close to the actual soil as possible. Instead, we are seeing this orchestrated push toward Franken-foods, where food products are made from foods, or other food products, shipped around the world, and then reconstituted as foodstuffs in factories.

    Beyond burgers use refined proteins from peas from China, mixed with refined emulsifiers and refined fillers (there is your cereal and refined oils). They add, then, their patented genetically-modified synthetically-derived hemoglobin substitute to provide the flavor of meat blood to a fake hamburger.

    Then the whole conglomeration is sold at twice the price as the real thing, and marketed to the consumer as a healthier choice. And you all are buying it.

    Do you really need a methadone-burger to “transition” you to vegetarianism? Eat real vegetables instead. Eat real meat instead. And beware of synthetic food.

    • jimbills Says:

      Beyond Meat doesn’t use GMO synth hemoglobin. Get your facts right, at least. It might help your conspiracy argument.

      Price-wise, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods cost more now. Just like with solar power, costs for faux meat will drop over time and become cheaper than what they substitute.

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