Best Yet Video Takedown of Michael Moore Movie

May 9, 2020

Very impressive, thorough, and devastating while calmly, and admirably measured.

5 Responses to “Best Yet Video Takedown of Michael Moore Movie”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Population growth nowadays is mainly driven by the fact that humans are getting healthier and much older than in the past. Fertility rate is declining since the 1960s and has now halved.

  2. Abel Adamski Says:

    Another excellent debunk is done by Zack and Jesse on Now You Know

    Planet of the Humans: DEBUNKED | In Depth

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I’m not fooled, Peter. You just like his accent.

  4. John Oneill Says:

    There was a lot of pious claptrap associated with Earth Day. I remember sitting in a pub in Queenstown where they switched all the lights off for ‘ Earth Hour’. The lights were powered by 100% fossil free hydro power, and quite efficient. They were replaced by wildly inefficient candles made from oil. Meanwhile the gas burners outside, warming up the smokers at the outside tables, burned on.
    ‘..But once you build a solar panel or a wind turbine, nothing else needs to be done. It will operate for at least 20 years, creating electricity from the free and continuous resources of the sun and wind..’ Free maybe, but continuous, no way. It’s the discontinuous nature of sun and wind that has so far meant they are not very effective tools for getting rid of fossil power. Proponents claim that overbuilding, storage, and interconnection will overcome this. So far, it hasn’t, not even on a village scale. Bornholm, the Danish island sometimes lauded as being on the road to ‘ 100 % renewable energy ‘, gets lower emissions when it is importing nuclear and hydro power from Sweden, than from using its own wind, solar and biogas.
    El Hierro, in the Spanish Canaries, received millions of euro from the EU to set up a wind and pumped hydro system, but they still burn a lot of oil.

  5. Terence Mcginity Says:

    Thanks, Peter. I was one of the six million who watched the film. I was swayed by the emotional charge and am so relieved to re examine the facts. I hope the six million watch this excellent rebuttal.

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