Spotted: Moore Film Subs Turkey for Germany

May 8, 2020

Followed this Link from George Monbiot’s great take-down of the recent Michael Moore dumpster fire, and Kees van Der Leun on Twitter.

Monbiot writes:
“.. the film shows footage of a “large terminal to import natural gas from the United States” that “Germany just built”. Germany has no such terminal. The footage was shot in Turkey.”

Link is to a Twitter thread by Jasper Vis, translated here via Google:


I’m watching Jeff Gibbs’ “Planet of the Humans” YouTube. I will be posting a Twitter thread later this week for your learning and entertainment. Now a preview.

In the film, the voice-over (Jeff Gibbs?) Says that a terminal has just been built in Germany to import natural gas, with images from a terminal. The chance that this is in Germany seems small, because Germany does not have an LNG terminal at all.

This is Germany on the map of the European trade association for gas infrastructure

: there are no LNG terminals in Germany (yet). Do plan. There is an LNG terminal on the Maasvlakte, but it is not in Germany.

Click for larger

It is a trifle in the film, but why do you claim that an LNG terminal has just been built in Germany (with the image of a docked LNG tanker) if that is not the case?

I am curious which port this is. Anyone have any idea?

I think that’s great about twitter, that people then look for which port is in the picture in the film “Planet of Humans”. Turns out not in Germany, but Turkey.

6 Responses to “Spotted: Moore Film Subs Turkey for Germany”

  1. indy222 Says:

    So, I haven’t really sleuthed for it, but does anyone have a link to Moore’s definitive response to this “dumpster fire” of mistakes? I’d like to still think he’s got enough integrity for a thorough mea culpa. If not… its a darn shame. He’s done some good things over the years.

    • toddinnorway Says:

      Go to his facebook page or a site that reprints his manifesto. In a nutshell, MM states that the environmental movement has lost the war against polluting capitalism. His hackjob of a documentary is intended to support this. He obviously has lost faith in truthful fact based journalism, and is now hyper motivated to shame the failures of environmentalists the last 50 years. There is some twisted logic in this but he is aiming to shock the environmental movement and get it to radically up its game.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    The chance that this is in Germany seems small, because Germany does not have an LNG terminal at all.

    That’s just want they want you to believe!

    [It’s so much easier to come up with a conspiracy theory than to alter your established thinking patterns.]

  3. Certainly this is a mistake by the film but it is within an overall correct argument that Germany remains overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels as opposed to the story put put by some of the big environmental NGOs that Germany has moved from that to mainly use of wind and solar.

    AND it is also true that Germany has committed to building between 1 and 4 LNG terminals which US LNG exporters expect to be shipping to by 2022/23.

    So a mistake for sure but within the context of an overall very important film which correctly exposes the fraud of “green” capitalism and the links between big business and big environmental NGOs which help cover that fraud up.

    The idea that this film is somehow an example of “climate denial” is absurd. The reality of climate change and imminent ecological collapse is what frames the whole film.

    What it is primarily guilty of is promoting either feelings of hopelessness in the face of the impending ecological catastrophe or worse a Malthusian blaming of supposed “over-population”.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      Hopelessness is now the leading message of the climate denial media machine. so in carrying the message the film
      fits nicely in their scheme, explaining why it’s getting such a push from the denial media complex

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