More Aaron Mair on the Green New Deal

May 5, 2020

When I recorded Aaron Mair speaking in Detroit and Flint in November, the Green New Deal was starting to seem like an increasingly heavy lift politically. That was before COVID-19.

Mair was the first African American President of the Sierra Club, and listening here, you can see why. He is a powerful speaker and has a clear vision of what the transition must. look like – the transition that is now not just desirable, but inevitable, if we want it.

If you have not seen the more elaborate condensation of Mair’s message, I’ll repost that at the bottom. Meanwhile, there were some worthwhile messages that ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor, or hard drive – so I’m putting those here.

At bottom is the production number I produced for the Sierra Club – which if you have not seen, has gotten pretty good responses.

One Response to “More Aaron Mair on the Green New Deal”

  1. Aaron’s going to have his work cut out for him getting his agenda past president Ted Cruz:

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