Inslee Reassures on Biden Climate Policy

April 22, 2020

New York Times:

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State, one of the Democratic Party’s most prominent environmentalists, endorsed Joseph R. Biden Jr.for president on Wednesday after extensive private conversations in which Mr. Biden signaled he would make fighting climate change a central cause of his administration.

Mr. Inslee, who mounted a long-shot presidential campaign of his own last year, said in an interview that he had spoken repeatedly to Mr. Biden in recent weeks and came away convinced that the former vice president was preparing to greatly expand his policy proposals for reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy.

Though he and Mr. Biden clashed early in the primary season, Mr. Inslee said he was confident that Mr. Biden was “willing to aim faster and higher” on climate policy than he had indicated at that stage. Mr. Inslee said his aides were consulting with Mr. Biden’s campaign about new components to his environmental agenda.

“I am convinced, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this will be a major driving force of his administration,” Mr. Inslee said. “I think what you’re going to see is an increased commitment to some shorter-term actions and he’s been very open to that.”

Mr. Inslee has been among the most prominent governors confronting the crisis, ordering early lockdowns and other restrictions that have helped limit the damage in Washington State to a fraction of the ruin inflicted on New York, where public officials acted somewhat more slowly. The emergency has also brought Mr. Inslee into conflict with President Trump, whom Mr. Inslee has criticized for his handling of the outbreak. Mr. Trump has answered Mr. Inslee’s criticism with heated personal and partisan attacks, calling him a “snake.”

But unlike some governors who have tried to mute their differences with Mr. Trump while they are lobbying his administration for help in the fight against coronavirus, Mr. Inslee made plain in the interview that he intended to speak bluntly about what he saw as Mr. Trump’s deficiencies. He said the president had shown “no empathy for anyone but himself” and had “abused even Republican governors” who expressed dissatisfaction with the federal government’s performance.

“I’ve had to deal with a totally dishonest person in the White House,” Mr. Inslee said, predicting that Mr. Biden would be a better partner for governors in both parties.

In addition to the endorsement, Mr. Inslee participated in another ritual of Mr. Biden’s lockdown-era campaign: On Tuesday, he recorded an episode for Mr. Biden’s podcast, “Here’s the Deal,” which has previously featured conversations with Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. On the podcast, Mr. Biden alluded to numerous private conversations about climate with Mr. Inslee, as well as with former Vice President Al Gore; in his view, Mr. Biden said, confronting the climate crisis represented an enormous opportunity for the United States to create jobs “generating a fundamentally green infrastructure.”

7 Responses to “Inslee Reassures on Biden Climate Policy”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Wishing JB plain sailing to the polls. . .

    Not only Gov. Inslee 80 scientists endorse the man for president :

    “Over 80 scientists, including prominent climate experts, are out with an open letter endorsing Joe Biden just ahead of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.”

    + Al Gore

    Al Gore endorses Joe Biden for president, calls Trump ‘face of climate-change denial globally’

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    “[Inslee] was confident that Mr. Biden was “willing to aim faster and higher” on climate policy than he had indicated at that stage”

    What complete crap. They would endorse a meadow muffin to avoid aligning with der Gropenführer and to stay on the good side of the Democratic half of the corporate duopoly party. It would probably do better than Biden, who is disintegrating mentally before our eyes and would have trouble beating the election-cheating Cheeto Caligula even if unemployment went to 70%. And the muffin would have a better climate policy than Joe, who mainly wants to join il Drumpfe in blaming China and choosing all of the fossil fuels above. He has no interest in changing anything, doing anything real, or solving anything to do with climate catastrophe. If we want civilization to survive another century, we need to make sure Bernie Sanders becomes president.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      If we want civilization to survive another century, we need to make sure Bernie Sanders becomes president.

      I was with you up to that point.

      I really wanted Bernie to win, but that’s over. Over.

      Joe Biden is horrible, has been credibly accused of rape by a former staffer, has repeatedly lied about being a Civil Rights activist, is (as you say) noticeably failing mentally, announced he would veto Medicare for All, and holds young activists of today in disdain, and yet he’s still much better than Trump.

      The best we can hope for is a competent VP and cabinet.
      I held my nose and voted for* the D nominee Hillary in the general election.
      I expect to hold my nose and vote for the D nominee Biden, unless he does something like choose a Republican VP, at which point it’s GAME OVER for an independent like me.
      *I say I voted “for Hillary”, but I was really voting against Trump.

      • J4Zonian Says:

        No, look at a ballot sometime. Only names, with places to vote yes. Not Disqus; no downvotes. You really were voting for Clinton. Really.

        (rhymes probably shouldn’t be alone when s/he finally comes to realize this. Can someone check on him or her?)

        No one knows what’s going to happen. Sanders suspended his campaign. He didn’t withdraw from the race and even if he did, he still has the second largest delegation going into the convention with an assumed nominee so clearly incompetent no sane person would accept him. (So of course the Democrats are trying to do whatever they can to make sure Biden wins even if he doesn’t have the number required to win–crossing Bernie’s name off with markers on ballots, making new rules that say votes for Bernie only count if you were standing on one leg holding a blue sextant while voting, and then pretending those rules were in place all along…) All that strongly suggests, by the way–shouts from the watchtower, in fact–that they know the race is not over.

        Bernie’s clearly second in a rigged election in which the first place finisher is clearly unqualified. It’s becoming more and more obvious neither major party candidate can govern a bathtub, let alone the country. What happens when Biden sundowns on television with 20 million people watching?

        Clinton? Bloomberg?

        No one knows what’s going to happen. Another Chicago? But with 300 times the people outside? Credible mass threats of stay-at-home Dems? No Post Office and still stay-at-home orders so the Cheeto Caligula gets reelected by 4000 people? (Not a margin of 4000, but 4000… all in Wyoming…all federal prisoners chained together and herded to the poll by prison guards in hazmat suits with shotguns and forced to drop pre-filled-out ballots in a box?) That is, what would it take for 80% of the public to say hey wait a minute… are you sure this election is legit? No one knows what’s going to happen. But we do know the only way for civilization to survive.
        It’s through programs only Bernie and other progressives are championing.

        • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

          I’m, of course, referring to the motivations behind my choices at the ballot booth. The point being that the driving factor was “someone who wasn’t as bad as Trump”. (I even used to do spoiler-voting in the Republican primary.)

          The last time I voted for a presidential candidate in the general was Obama in 2008. I voted for Bernie in the last two primaries.

          • J4Zonian Says:

            Yes, of course I understand that. It’s an impossible choice that we’ve had to make over and over and over, and the wrong choices in the past, the conscious choice to fall for the Lesser Evil Gambit again and again, have allowed the country and thus the world to be driven to the right, setting up a worse choice and worse situation each time. So here we are, at what’s probably the last chance we have to take action on the climate cataclysm, choosing yet again to allow someone into power who will not take action. Does it matter if the world is destroyed by Republicans or Democrats? If you don’t know this—with certainty—you are deluding yourself: Whichever major party has power, utter destruction is what they’ll do, because the Democrats WILL NOT DO WHAT’S NECESSARY to avoid utter catastrophe.

            Is it worth hoping we can “force” them to, (aka plead plaintively enough that they will become people they’re not and reverse everything they’ve done their whole lives) when Pelosi and the other criminal psychopaths have shown without any doubt whatever that they don’t care one tiny bit what needs to be done or what the majority and especially what progressives think, or want them to do? I’ve collected probably a hundred articles in the last month*, each a different example of disaster capitalism (and disaster racism and disaster sexism and disaster fascism…) enacted by BOTH PARTIES since the virus struck the US. The Democrats have been utterly amoral, and Biden, besides his obvious dementia, is one of them, with a half-century-long record of racism, misogyny, class prejudice, reactionary actions and attempts to be Republican.

            I respect your opinions, rhymes, but what it comes down to, despite your annoyingly literal and defensively ignorant insistence here, is that calling a vote for a psychotic psychopath a vote AGAINST someone else is bullshyt. It’s a vote FOR a psychopath no matter what you try to call it. And in the end, whatever differences you point to between the 2 parties—and there obviously are some—BOTH ARE LEADING THE WORLD TO NEAR-TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Despite not being as screamingly blatant as Trump about it, Biden is a malignantly narcissistic criminal psychopath and I have a hard time countenancing any excuse to vote for him or refuse to rise up and prevent his nomination by whatever peaceful means necessary. I recently said we should vote for him and then force his impeachment, but the chances of that coming anywhere near succeeding are infinitesimal. Voting them into power is voting them into power, and they, in both parties, are criminally insane.

            So I repeat once more yet again that the only way to do what’s needed to avoid the near term end of civilization and the extinction of most life on Earth is a massive peaceful revolution removing all of them from power.

            * Part 1 here, others unposted.

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