The Weekend Wonk: Andy Dessler's Critique of Roy Spencer

March 28, 2020

Andy Dessler took some of his social distancing time to critique a recent slide set by climate denier Roy Spencer.

Worth your time, and if you have not seen Andy and others tear into Spencer, and his partner John Christy’s, dodgy science record.

8 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Andy Dessler's Critique of Roy Spencer”

  1. pendantry Says:

    Thanks for this. An impressive critique!

  2. neilrieck Says:

    It is hard to believe that Roy Spencer is still up to his old monkey business. Question: is his first slide accurate? Is he still working at the University of Alabama in Huntsville or is this something he appends to his slides to increase credibility?

  3. grindupbaker Says:

    1:38 I get thumbdownies & irrelevant comments on this Web Log for my unwavering refusal to mix values with science (as a result of my brain & the education & work that led to). So I’ll post a correct science tidbit and the “Mr. Sir Charles” entity will evaluate whether that helps or hinders the social reforms that he specifically likes and respond with some irrelevant low-cost off-the-shelf item to get a few thumbuppies. Same as the pretense debate with the coal/oil shill-fuckwits (and Russian trolls) that I’ve seen and done some myself in the GoogleTubes video talk comments.

  4. grindupbaker Says:

    2:10 A “Guy McPherson” clown-charlatan creature ostensibly not a coal/oil shill tells such filthy junk-science lies that he’s spitting in the face of Andy Dessler & whichever WG1 climate scientists you like best and all of them telling them in no uncertain terms that their so-called “science” is comedy junk, fake science, low-grade science, such a Gong Show of a science that any old Joe Blow like him can spend a 3-second peek at the summary of a genuine WG1 climate science paper and if they see a number they like (and **ONLY** if they see a number they like) misinterpret it massively, throw it in as an unimportant junior-science snippet with their important insects or crops science (whatever) and disseminate that crap to their believers. Guy McPherson implies relentlessly that WG1 climate scientists are idiots, that they don’t have a clue what’s going on. He holds them in utter contempt. He is sickening.

  5. grindupbaker Says:

    At 4:03 instrumental measurement analysis since 1850 AD (170 years) per a pretty good talk on temperature measurement since 1850 AD covering corrections and reliability in some detail at (“Francis Zwiers: The Instrumental Temperature Record and What it Tells us About Climate Change” posted by ”
    Simon Fraser University”. 1850 AD corrections and reliability assessed at 12:05 to 14:30.

  6. grindupbaker Says:

    At 4:44 Warming should continue into the future. The heater’s been averaging 396,000 gigawatts for the last 22 years. It goes up & down annually with ENSO mostly and varies between limits of 80,000 to 712,000 gigawatts averaged monthly from month to month due to random cloud changes mentioned later. It’ll have been like a bell curve with most months averaging much closer to the long-term average of 396,000 gigawatts than those rare extreme limits. Source of monthly random cloud variations 6:00 at

  7. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Dessler points out at one point that there is
    – no legitimate alternative theory

    I like to point out that the individual positions promulgated by the “3%” don’t even agree with each other.

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