How We Got Here: Right Wing Science

March 10, 2020


7 Responses to “How We Got Here: Right Wing Science”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    Surely God created the coronavirus as well as our susceptibility to it.

    Praying against God’s will is surely heresy, if not the very definition of it.

    I think Andrew Wommack is correct. Also a coward for fearing retribution. Retribution is God’s purview. Curious he doesn’t have enough faith in God’s protection from retribution.

  2. terrydonte Says:

    Pretending right wing nuts are science just shows you do not have the facts on your side. The actual data shows the climate is not static. It shows substantial warm ups and at least one mini ice age in the last 11,000 years with no evidence CO2 caused any of that which leaves the sun as the driver of climate.

    • Oh, dear. Still trying to sell your moronic denialism?

      No-one (except in the sick fantasies of brain dead deniers) says climate is static.

      The rate of the rise in temperatures is unprecedented and firmly tied to increased CO2 caused by human inputs. This rise in temperature in turn drives climate variability.

      The Little Ice Age was NOT a global phenomenon and probably did not even apply yo the whole of the Northern hemisphere. Additionally it was not constant involving 3 cool periods interrupted by warmer intervals.

      Your ignorance and stupidity has betrayed you

      • J4Zonian Says:

        Yes, the more powerful moronavirus reveals itself again.

      • leslie graham Says:

        Indeed. It’s just embarrassing that a few morons are still spewing this utter garbage at this late stage.
        Dear oh dear.

        On the other hand I think it’s a GREAT idea to cram as many RWNJ’s into as small an enclosed area as possible for as long as possible at the height of the pandemic. Just so long as they stay there indefinitely. God will provide.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      It shows substantial warm ups and at least one mini ice age in the last 11,000 years with no evidence CO2 caused any of that…

      How is it you’re willing to accept climate scientists’ findings of past climate indicators and yet magically discount their findings about what is being measured now?

      …which leaves the sun as the driver of climate.

      Sun’s been relatively quiet in the past few decades, yet our planet has been gaining heat, an increase even measurable at 700m depths (via the Argo float network). The fingerprint for GHG’s being responsible is that the stratosphere is cooling relative to the troposphere. If there were a major aerosol cooling event (like Mt. Pinatubo, or a geoengineering project), we’d still have the problem of faster ocean absorption of CO2 (acidification) in a cooler atmosphere.

  3. John Kane Says:

    Is this Shuttleworth an evangelist or the leader of a not-too-successful biker gang?

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