Exxon CEO Backpedalling on Climate Questions

March 6, 2020

Exxon CEO dancing around a fusillade of questions about climate change from traditionally friendly financial press, in first few minutes of this vid.
Climate questions up front, then corona virus discussion, revealing quote on climate attitudes toward the end.

Note the trend line on the stock graph.

He notes that the industry is not investing enough in new resources, “irrespective of whether you plan for a 2 degree scenario, or a more standard scenario”.

Mass extinction is the “more standard” scenario?

4 Responses to “Exxon CEO Backpedalling on Climate Questions”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    0:30 into the vid. Zero Dark Thirty? …hmmm. In Search of Enemies (also a book by John Stockwell) In search of excuses, friends…

    Ah, use of poor people–something we can always count on. If the rich aren’t blaming the crisis on poor people of color through populationism, they’re trying to gaslight people by hiding in plain sight 150 years of fossil and then fissile fuels’ failure to change the position of poor people—their main non-selfish excuse for the phenomena destruction wreaked on nature, society (the resource curse) and psyche. The only thing fffs have done is to solidify the poor’s use as repositories for the projections of the rich, with all that goes along with that. Keeping people as virtual slaves, objects of dominance needs, scapegoats, people to be economically externalized upon, a supply of labor available to be used when it’s convenient and discarded when it’s not…

    Trickle-down the gaslight fantastic
    As long as there are poor people—which of course there always will be as long as we refuse to address the problem of splitting and projecting—the rich can stave off demands for actual progress on anything, since they can say progress is just around the corner as long as we give them enough freedom to collect ever-larger amounts of society’s interchangeable commodity of money-power. And it’s brilliant, since as long as the rich are allowed that, they can continue to keep the poor poor, preserving their dominance, their excuse, the place they project onto with all the corollaries oof that process. We may be able to fix the logistical challenges of the greenhouse gas crisis, although even that seems less and less likely as we keep putting that off. But we’ll never solve our larger problems and survive this century unless we heal the psychological illness at the heart of every problem.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Mass extinction is the “more standard” scenario?

    That sounds about right. The SETI people argue whether self-destruction is the more likely scenario for any developed alien civilization. Evolution generally favors instincts for immediate need over development of rational foresight.

    I’m going to have a piece of coconut cake for breakfast.

    • otter17 Says:

      Yes, though the future is not set in stone, and I’ll fight to the death to make sure enough is done to address AGW, it helps to make peace with the possibility that our failure was more or less built into a common evolutionary trait(s).

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Testing: :-þ

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