No,Climate Change is not a Hoax, Either: Trump Hack Poisoning Scientific Papers

March 2, 2020

The Corona virus pandemic shows how critical our trust in scientific institutions must be in times of crisis.
The current administration continues to do all it can to erode that trust, in favor of blind obedience to the Great Leader.

New York Times:

An official at the Interior Department embarked on a campaign that has inserted misleading language about climate change — including debunked claims that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial — into the agency’s scientific reports, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times.

The misleading language appears in at least nine reports, including environmental studies and impact statements on major watersheds in the American West that could be used to justify allocating increasingly scarce water to farmers at the expense of wildlife conservation and fisheries.

The effort was led by Indur M. Goklany, a longtime Interior Department employee who, in 2017 near the start of the Trump administration, was promoted to the office of the deputy secretary with responsibility for reviewing the agency’s climate policies. The Interior Department’s scientific work is the basis for critical decisions about water and mineral rights affecting millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of acres of land.

The wording, known internally as the “Goks uncertainty language” based on Mr. Goklany’s nickname, inaccurately claims that there is a lack of consensus among scientists that the earth is warming. In Interior Department emails to scientists, Mr. Goklany pushed misleading interpretations of climate science, saying it “may be overestimating the rate of global warming, for whatever reason;” climate modeling has largely predicted global warming accurately. The final language states inaccurately that some studies have found the earth to be warming, while others have not.

Vice President Pence’s Corona virus team, at prayer.

He also instructed department scientists to add that rising carbon dioxide — the main force driving global warming — is beneficial because it “may increase plant water use efficiency” and “lengthen the agricultural growing season.” Both assertions misrepresent the scientific consensus that, overall, climate change will result in severe disruptions to global agriculture and significant reductions in crop yields.

Samuel Myers, a principal research scientist at Harvard University’s Center for the Environment who has studied the effects of climate change on nutrition, said the language “takes very specific and isolated pieces of science, and tries to expand it in an extraordinarily misleading fashion.”

The Interior Department’s emails, dating from 2017 through last year and obtained under public-records laws by the watchdog group Energy and Policy Institute, provide the latest evidence of the Trump administration’s widespread attacks on government scientific work. The administration has halted or scaled back numerous research projects since taking office, including an Obama-era initiative to fight disease outbreaks around the world — a decision that has drawn criticism in recent weeks as a deadly coronavirus has spread globally.


6 Responses to “No,Climate Change is not a Hoax, Either: Trump Hack Poisoning Scientific Papers”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    How will the country ever survive when lies are being told about science? (and so many WANT to believe them?)

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      After spending more than a decade in the cre/evo wars with US biblical literalists, I kinda got used to it. Of course, it helps that I’ve spent a lot of time learning how the human brain/mind works, and expecting rationality from the vast majority of people is…irrational.

  2. al mar Says:

    I love that picture – the one showing Vice President Pence’s Corona virus team, at prayer. Hey, wasn’t he also one of those “pray-away-the-gay” clowns?

    You know what they say: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      If you think they are all praying, you are deluded. I would bet at least one of them is thinking about the porn he viewed the night before (or about when he might get a chance to grab the butt of the only female in the room).

      Hypocrisy rules in the White House!

      • al mar Says:

        See the one by the door, pinching his nose? That’s not a prayer pose. That’s an “Oh dear god, save me from these idiots” pose.

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