Science Denier Pence Now in Charge of Pandemic Response

February 27, 2020

Cigarette smoking doesn’t kill.

Evolution? Nah.

Climate change? That’s crazy leftist talk.

Put that man in charge of a pandemic.


19 Responses to “Science Denier Pence Now in Charge of Pandemic Response”

  1. Just remember, only 97% of doctors and people qualified to talk about viruses actually believe that COVID-19 is real and causing problems, we need to hear other opinions and use our common sense to evaluate this alleged problem.

    And we are not in the habit of writing blank checks. We need to let any potential pandemic run its course so we can see what kind of money needs to be spent to fix it. You can’t just take doctors away to fight some fictitious disease without knock-on effects in the greater economy. Why risk jobs and profits when we don’t know the outcome?

    And how many pandemic spread models actually work? I mean this all comes out of the UN and we know their models do not account for the output of the sun and winter. I mean, I don’t personally know anyone with the alleged “coronavirus” so it can’t be very real now, can it?

  2. jimbills Says:

    This is 100% political cover for Trump. He’s worried that if the coronavirus explodes, he’ll get the blame. This way, he’s hoping Pence will get the blame rather than himself. He can say, “Look, Mike Pence was in charge of it. Don’t look at me.” Then, he can easily fire Pence and find a new puppet.

    • jimbills Says:

      Or rather, ‘get’ Pence fired, then find another sucker to replace him. Or just pick another VP in the next election.

      Pence is either too dense to realize this or he has so much faith in his belief that God promised him the Presidency that he’s willing to take the position without fussing about it:

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        As VP, Pence is the only one Trump can’t fire, but he can still take the blame.

        Trump will also have to blame the nuking of Obama’s Ebola response team and cutting of the CDC budget on Pence.

        • jimbills Says:

          Yeah, I realized the moment after I had sent the first comment.

          Still, IF the coronavirus blows up, Pence would get a large share of the blame. Trump could then withdraw his support for Pence, much of the Republican party would follow suit, the Democrats wouldn’t support him, and an impeachment wouldn’t be impossible. He’d likely just resign. If the virus happens before the primary convention, Trump could also choose a new running mate.

          But, the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see.

          My take on Trump is that he is a guy who demands absolute loyalty, but he doesn’t extend loyalty to others if there is no gain for him. His mind entirely rotates around how others view him. If he looks good, he’s happy. If something or someone makes him look bad, he crumbles. Once this is known about him, nothing he says or does is really surprising. I’m reasonably confident he threw Pence in front of him as a human shield in this particular case.

          The Post has an article on how it broke down at the time:

          • dumboldguy Says:

            If the coronavirus (or its cousin the caronavirus that Trump tweeted about) blow up, there will be no way Trump can blame it on Pence or hide from the fallout—-he is on record as having said and done too many stupid and ignorant things so far, and he wont be able to avoid doing more if a real health crisis strikes (in spite of being such a stable genius who knows eveything). For now, let’s hope the stock market and the global economy take a big enough hit to convince more people not to vote for him in November.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Pence is a lying moron and mindless ideologue, as evidenced by “For some reason, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left – in this country and around the world”.

    He cannot be fired—-only removed through impeachment or by resignation. (And if God tells him to resign because Trump needs another scapegoat, I have no doubt that he will—that’s what mindless morons do).

    I find it hard to believe that Trump has put Pence, Munchkin, and Kudlow in charge of the coronavirus response—that pretty much guarantees that it will be designed to make money for the greedy rich and the corporations rather than deal with the science. Make lots of popcorn and buckle in, folks—-this is going to turn into a real horror movie before it’s over.

  4. terrydonte Says:

    I see you folks are as full of conspiracy ideas as the Trump administration is alleged to be. What you should be concerned about is the virus and our response to it.

    California for example has zero virus test kits and the governor refused and refuses to get some , kit that other countries have in the tens of thousands.

    The CDC is so filled with its importance it refuses to release test kits and demands all testing be done by it.

    As to quarantines and so forth, our system is so bogged down with lawyers and laws nothing will be done when the virus hits. Example, a California city went to court to stop quarantine in its city and the court agreed. What happens when thousands of people are infected and zero test kits are allowed and nobody can be quarantined?

    Maybe a good pandemic like the ones with Polio and the Flu in 1918 are necessary to kill off the idiots running our country and filling our courts and lawyers ranks.

    China blocked off whole cities for weeks and did that in a few days at most and test thousands every single day. You can argue they are not doing the correct things but at least they are trying.

    • dumboldguy Says:


      Mindless maundering is SO soporific!

    • jimbills Says:

      You’re something of a master at outwardly sounding reasonable without being actually reasonable at all.

      First off, CA has hundreds of test kits and is actively trying to procure more from the CDC:

      The head of the CDC is a Trump appointee:

      The CDC is under Trump’s jurisdiction. If something needs to be done by the CDC, his administration is the one that needs to do it.

      Secondly, we are all very concerned about the virus and the response to it. We happen to think the exact wrong team are the ones in charge of our response on the federal level. Time will tell for certain on that.

      After you state that our focus should be on the virus, you then suggest it might be best to “kill off the idiots”. (It’d be the first time that a virus could selectively kill people based on their intelligence and/or political beliefs, too.)

      You then suggest communist China has the right approach to it, suggesting we can argue against their methods to contain the virus, when none of us have done so.

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        We happen to think the exact wrong team are the ones in charge of our response on the federal level.

        I suspect state-based health departments are working with each other rather than going through Trump’s people.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      I see you folks are as full of conspiracy ideas as the Trump administration is alleged to be. What you should be concerned about is the virus and our response to it.

      Which conspiracy ideas do we have? Be specific.

      As for the virus test kits, there is conflicting information from the federal government about which kits are reliable and available.

      Trump has been culling or starving science programs throughout his executive branch, often for reasons as childish as “Obama created them”, or because he was ignorantly slashing budgets to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy. He’s a sociopathic con man who is more concerned about the stock market indices than the risk of shutting down the US human economy.

      All Americans should be preparing and not panicking. Be aware that your kids’ schools may be closed and/or you have to telecommute to work.

  5. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    The gag on senior Disease Control scientists is somewhat concerning.

  6. Lionel Smith Says:

    Pence goes on about textbooks needing to be changed because of new palaeontological evidence which improves on theories of evolution.

    About time that other book of creation the Bible was updated.

    Pence of classic religious rectitude.

    BTW Trump is the puppet not Pence who, although having a position in the Trump organisation, is very much the Ă©minence grise.

    • jimbills Says:

      “BTW Trump is the puppet not Pence who, although having a position in the Trump organisation, is very much the Ă©minence grise.”

      Could you point to any sources to back that? Obviously, it’s not my take at all that this is another Bush-Cheney situation.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I agree—-Cheney was WAY smarter than Bush. The clips in this piece alone make it obvious that “smart” is not a word that should be applied to Pence.

        IMO, he is almost as dumb as Trump, who proved himself be unmanageable by lots of actually smart people (all of whom have been fired).

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