Quickie-Printing Veggie Steaks

February 26, 2020

The future is here, it’s just not well distributed. – William Gibson

16 Responses to “Quickie-Printing Veggie Steaks”

  1. talies Says:

    This sort of thing might be really important in the fututre of food under the impact of climate change, as well as reducing emmissions

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Ir might “fool” some taste buds, but the look of the piece being puled apart isn’t going to make anyone think it’s “meat”.

  3. Keith Omelvena Says:

    Probably better for society to eat real food and look to solving the actual problems. Human exponential growthism and population growth.

    • Kiwiiano Says:

      Unfortunately we needed to have done that (not just started) decades ago. Back when we weren’t passing the carrying capacity of the planet mid-year.

      • Gingerbaker Says:


        We could put all the people in the world in Kansas, or something.

        We actually have no food shortage whatsoever right now. The problem is AGW, and the cause of that is fossil fuels. Can we – please – keep our eye on the ball?

        • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

          We could put all the people in the world in Kansas, or something.

          What does that have to do with carrying capacity?

          I hereby volunteer you to design the water supply and sewage system for a Kansas containing 7.7 billion people.

          • Gingerbaker Says:

            Prove the Earth does not have the carrying capacity for humans.

            That we have exceeded our “carrying capacity” is a meme, not a scientific hypothesis. We have plenty of food. We have plenty of space. We have plenty of water. Any environmental woes we have are because of stupidity not math or the laws of physics.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            More moronic bright-sidedness, GiBering, and wishful thinking from the originator of that brilliant idea—– “We could put all the people in the world in Kansas, or something”.

            PROVE the earth does not have the carrying capacity for humans? And we have PLENTY of food, water, and space? Tell that to the people on the planet who are DYING because that’s simply not true, and anyone who is at all familiar with the laws of biology, physics, and math understands why and how that’s happening.

            (Stupidity is another topic altogether).

      • Keith Omelvena Says:

        “Back when we weren’t passing the carrying capacity of the planet mid-year.” So you are saying 3D printing artificial food is the solution to that? I say it’s the sort of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place? Kind of like creating more debt, is the financial gurus answer to problems caused by too much debt!

        • redskylite Says:

          3D printing is just a modern tool of ejecting liquid materials in an exact programmed manner – not much difference from food processing factories machinery of old. This particular food is “plant based” – so what is the difference from this and vegemite – marmite – bovril etc. A lot of people eat those spreads and find them savoury and delicious.

  4. redskylite Says:

    “Climate change will cause a loss of olive production in Andalusia

    In Spain, changes are also starting to show and they will multiply in the following years. And not only will the climate be affected, but also social and economic aspects as well.”


    Insect-pest related crop losses and pest invasions are projected to increase as the climate changes. Projected changes include changes in temperature – with many regions becoming warmer – and the amount of precipitation. Insects thrive in warmer temperatures.


  5. redskylite Says:

    It’s all relative – When I first started working in the early 60’s I worked with a colleague who had spent years incarcerated in as a prisoner of war in a Japanese prison camp. He would have killed for a delicious savoury offering portrayed in this article. Just read James Clavell’s “King Rat” to understand conditions in these camps.

    Nearly every day I read about people whose lands are inundated by salty water, fishing grounds where the water is too warm to support once abundant species, and severe weather ruining crops. Climate change and land use are forcing changes in diet. It will get worse.

    So eat up, sup up and be merry (while you can), food is and will continue to change in availability and type.

    The price rises follow months of heavy rains across East Africa. But could climate change be contributing to the problem?


    • redskylite Says:

      What about all those “sweets” such as “Fruit Gums”, “Fruit Jellies” and fruit drinks – how much real fruit do you think is in most of them ? – and then there’s spam and powdered potatoes.

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