PBS Newshour: Wind Industry Looks at End of Tax Credits

January 25, 2020

2 Responses to “PBS Newshour: Wind Industry Looks at End of Tax Credits”

  1. This is GOOD news for the scenery and wildlife these futile, oil-built goliaths keep obliterating while “environmentalists” look the other way and crow about “installed capacity” where they used to respect untainted prairies and mountain ridges. Mountaintop removal isn’t just a coal thing.

    This map shows how much acreage is affected in the U.S. alone: https://eerscmap.usgs.gov/uswtdb/

    Offshore wind causes similar blight unless it’s put over 30 miles out to sea (with current turbine sizes). But that’s costly to do and unlikely in many cases, so there’s no saving scenery from Big Wind, even if bird/bat/insect kills can be magically mitigated. You can’t simply shut off turbines every time critters arrive (wind power is intermittent enough as is).

    CO2 keeps rising with nearly 356,000 wind turbines spiking the planet and we’re unlikely to see a miracle drop as more are built. The scale of what fossil fuels support (including non-energy uses) is too big to replace without a lot of help from nuclear, but most greens forbid themselves from supporting any form of it.

    I’ve posted here before and know what the responses will be, so save your typing, dumboldguy. All I ask is that Big Wind pushers admit they’re nature DEVELOPERS, not environmentalists. The argument that wind power can reduce CO2 and “save future lives” is a rationalization for the subsidy momentum it once had.


    • dumboldguy Says:

      Don’t find too much to object to here, False Prophet. beyond your usual mindless concern for viewscapes and babbling rather than intelligent concern for a healthy planet.

      I will ask again—-are you really in the employ of a fossil fuel company? A troll who gets paid to discourage wind power?

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