Video: Greta Thunberg at Davos

January 21, 2020

19 Responses to “Video: Greta Thunberg at Davos”

  1. Lionel Smith Says:

    Whilst watching video of Greta Thunberg delivering her speech, via The Independent UK FB page, I noted with rising horror and revulsion the vile comments coming from those who are clearly bigoted from ignorance, swayed by decades of irresponsible, or agenda driven corporate media using supposed scientists to support campaigns of denial.

    We know who these ‘supposed scientists’ are, indeed many of them, and also the politicians who have fed off them, can be found described here, alongside the Individuals tab there is an Organisations tab:

    • tootallken Says:

      Her rhetoric reminds of Dr. Martin Luther King’s words in his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail in which he admonishes the white moderates who keep counseling “wait, wait, wait”. There’s no more time to wait. If she’s pissing people off, she’s doing something right–but it IS disgusting to see the hatred leveled at her, and the level of hatred. I hope I can piss off the haters, too.

    • Bryan Ackerly Says:

      I noticed was that Tony Abbott was first on the list, which gave me a drier chuckle. Was good to see him recently finally voted out of office!

      Having him as a prime minister of my country was the worst thing imaginable. Close second worst is the denialist nut job we have in there now!!

      • dumboldguy Says:

        LOL—-first on the list is a good place for Abbott. Unless, of course, some denier named Aardvark comes along and displaces him.

  2. Engineer Ron Says:

    Contrast Greta’s beautiful speech with this pack of lies:

  3. Engineer Ron Says:

    Obviously it’s difficult to stomach but there is value in taking in the entire scope of lies.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      No, we have been watching the “whole scope of lies” since 2016 and it just keeps getting added to and stirred up like a composting manure pile in the barnyard—-food is too expensive to waste it by puking it up.

  4. Increasing the playback speed helps.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      Or playing it backwards as was done with the B side of this:

      • dumboldguy Says:


        ‘ah-ah ,eh-eh ,oh-oh ,yawa em ekat ot gnimoc er’yehT’


        His gibberish wouldn’t sound much different played backwards, and we’d still have to look at him. Nice try, but it would still be nauseating.

        • Overwhelmed by anger, embarrassment and elevated blood pressure at 1:47, I paused the video. Then deciding to plow on at 2X speed, with the goal of getting through it in half the time, the fringe benefit was that somehow double speed helped filter out Trump’s disposition.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Good that you’ve found something that helps you cope. I first removed all heavy objects from the area of the TV so that I didn’t throw them at the screen—-I have now trained myself to just curse at the miserable POS instead—-not sure that it helps my blood pressure, but it does relieve the anger a bit.

        • Tom Styles Says:

          I ended up with the trackball from my pointing device embedded in the center of my monitor. I have no memory of how it happened, but my wife witnessed the event and she assures me I did it. Guess I’ll go back to using a mouse.

  5. Lionel Smith Says:

    Steve Mnuchin has a go at Greta Thunberg./

    Donald Trump’s treasury secretary has dismissed Greta Thunberg’s call for immediate fossil fuel divestment, saying the 17-year-old activist should go to college and study economics.

    In a withering slapdown on the climate emergency movement, Steven Mnuchin pretended not to know who Thunberg was, before dismissing her concerns as ill-informed.

    Asked whether calls for public and private-sector divestment from fossil fuel companies would threaten US growth, Mnuchin jibed: “Is she the chief economist? Who is she, I’m confused” – before clarifying that he was joking.

    “After she goes and studies economics in college she can come back and explain that to us,” Mnuchin added, at a press conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

    Greta Thunberg told to study economics by US treasury secretary

    If Thunberg is ‘ill-informed’ what doers that make Mnuchin? Wilfully ignorant perhaps.

  6. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Mnuchin and his ilk actually think there is a choice other than burn or live.

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