Dealing with the Firehose of Falsehoods

January 1, 2020

As Trump’s Neo-Nazi hireling Steve Bannon said, “…the press is easy to deal with, you just flood the zone with shit.”

NBC’s Meet the Press has too often been a vector for that shit, and it might be that Chuck Todd is feeling the heat of criticisms. He spent his whole program examining Russian techniques of disinformation.
This has bearing on our topic of course, because so much pioneering research on disinformation, misinformation, and political lies has been in the service of the fossil fuel industry.

Below, Martin Baron, Executive Editor of The Washington Post, and Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of The New York Times.

How to deal with prevaricators? I had the chance to interview the Dean of Climate Deniers, Marc Morano, in 2012.

9 Responses to “Dealing with the Firehose of Falsehoods”

  1. ecoquant Says:

    Such bullshit. Sounds like lots of “Oh, you understand, my dog ate it.”

    It’s okay.

    They’ll lose their wealth. That’ll be fine.

    • Earl Mardle Says:

      We’ll ALL lose our wealth, and our futures, thanks to these people. We need a category of “crimes against life”

      • ecoquant Says:

        @Earl Mardle,

        Sure to some extent … But to the degree people who know what’s coming invest smartly now — at least those who can — they’ll be marginally protected.

        For example, we switched off oil heating/water heating to air source heat pumps some years back, and switched to an air source heat pump hot water heater. As the climate warms, these will become steadily more efficient for the biggest thing they are asked to do now, and that is heat our home in the winter. That means the heating will cost less money.

        • Earl Mardle Says:

          I am doing similar things, but it will make precious little difference when the hockey stick takes off, as it may well already be doing.

          I left Australia 12 years ago because we understood that “Australia will suffer more extreme effects of climate change than any other inhabited place on earth” was not said in jest.

          So we came back to NZ and now farm 10 acres, are switching to renewables and self reliance etc etc. But when the winds here reach 250-300kph, none of that will make any difference. Just as those who were off-grid in the Aussie bush are being burned out, and sometimes burned alive, by the ferocity of the effects.

          • ecoquant Says:

            @Earl Mardle,

            I applaud your fortitude and wish you the best of luck.

            On the average and whole, it seems the Southern Hemisphere is going to be worse off than the Northern, even if the human populations of the Northern are far more responsible, proportionally, for the entire mess.

            I cried tonight, thinking of the reality of half to a full billion of creatures in Australia being extinguished by fires which were, at core, human caused. Yeah, maybe the indirect killings from suburban development in my own neighborhoods might be comparable, but, still, this focussed event is hard to parse emotionally.

            It’s worse because I can only imagine there are unseen annihilations of creatures about the world and its oceans due to our collective inaction.

            I dread the forces we may be unleashing.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Roger Ailes created Fox News by constructing a CNN format without any expensive reporting or fact-checking behind it. As he put it, “People don’t want to be informed, they want to feel informed.”

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Anybody who believes Chuck Todd would actually use the phrase “Trump lied” should know I have some oceanfront property to sell them in Wyoming.

    • Earl Mardle Says:

      Well, it might take a little more sealevel rise for that to happen, but it could be a good long term investment.

  4. doldrom Says:

    The false news narrative is itself false news. Trustworthy and credentialed “authoritative” sources of news. Who brought you WMD and cheered the Iraq invasion? Authoritative is simply a code word for connected to the intelligence community and government officials, and not for nothing (“presstitutes”).

    Everything they say about Russia (weaponizing, repetition, hybrid war, selection bias, and especially the role of money) they should be saying about themselves. All the cable news shows repeat the same lines v-e-r-b-a-t-i-m all the time. To hear the MSM talk about how the Russians subvert honest journalism because of the role their MONEY plays is is laughable. There is nowhere on earth where money plays a role as obvious and grand as in America. Everything they see in the Russian “other” is a revelation about their shadow self, projected on the evil “other”. Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness.

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