Australia Continues to Burn

December 30, 2019

Video from New South Wales Rural Fire Service.


4 Responses to “Australia Continues to Burn”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    What’s called “global warming” (the surface-air only part of the warming) has been reduced in rate of increase vis a vis model expectations simply because the tropical Pacific Ocean easterly trade winds started having higher average speed at 1995 AD due to a warming tropical Atlantic Ocean surface due to the global warming. Where the winds of tropical Pacific Ocean & tropical Atlantic Ocean interact over South America the tropical Atlantic Ocean wind has given the tropical Pacific Ocean a “boost”. The speed started increasing in 1995 AD and last data I saw from a few years ago the wind speed had increased by 1 m/s (a 30% increase). It’s had several definite effects since then and some likely:
    – Actual “global warming” is 0.11 degrees less than model global warming because the WG1 climate scientists didn’t replicate that Pacific Ocean – Atlantic Ocean wind coupling effect in the CMIP models. I don’t know whether they’ve corrected that,
    – Caused the “pause” or “hiatus” (that’s why global warming” is 0.11 degrees less than in models).,
    – Huge 1997/98 El Nino started soon after 1995 AD
    – Oceans started warming twice as fast as before ~1998 AD
    – Southern westerlies strengthened & tightened on Antarctica soon after,
    – Perhaps why Australia is getting more drought & higher temperatures (I say that only because Australia is right there where the ENSO action is),
    – Greenland ice sheet (GrIS) mass loss took a huge rate increase in 2000 AD per Jason Box graph,
    – Global Mean Surface Temperature (GMST) has been increasing ~+0.23 degrees / decade for El Nino years by only +0.165 degrees / decade for La Nina & ENSO-neutral years.
    All soon after 1995 AD

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Video from New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

    Ah, good: It’s from an official drone. Part of the problem with fighting fires in California were private drones interfering with aerial firefighters.

  3. Paul Whyte Says:

    The coal boosters that run the Australian governments are trying to down play the issue of fires. How just agreed to massive new coal mines.

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