Mega Fires Surround Sydney

December 22, 2019

10 Responses to “Mega Fires Surround Sydney”

  1. terry123a Says:

    You get mega fires when you refuse to burn off the accumulation of grass and brush every year with small fires. Australia has refused to burn off the accumulation of fuel for more than a century, At some point during the dry part of the year it was going to catch fire and be a mega fire,. This year was that point. This has nothing to do with climate change.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Terry the Mega Anal Orifice arrives on scene with more bullshit. He HAS to be a POE—-no one could be this stupid and ill-informed. (And add OZ to the list of places like CA where raking would have made a difference)

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      You get mega fires when you refuse to burn off the accumulation of grass and brush every year with small fires.

      How are you wrong? Let me count the ways:
      (1) Most of Australia has been in drought. You DO NOT attempt pre-emptive burns with it this dry.
      (2) Eucalyptus trees, seen burning in much of the footage, have extremely flammable leaves (with little pockets of oil) that burn even when it isn’t very dry. Firefighters report the sounds of those trees exploding.
      (3) These fires are burning well before the once-normal wildfire season for Australia.
      (4) Temperatures are reaching near 50°C (120°F) across much of Australia, including vast stretches places with no wildfires.
      (5) Wildfires have been happening in Australia with greater frequency in the last few decades along with MEASURED INCREASES IN HEAT AND DROUGHT. If anything, brush management has been much more aggressive in these decades.

      The wildfire fighters on the ground (in California, Russia, Australia) know why these fires are getting worse. Why don’t you ask them?

  2. Majura Wombat Says:

    Three points

    1. Australia does do hazard reduction burns.

    2. Climate change has narrowed the window when hazard reduction burns are safe. In fact some major bush fires have been caused by hazard reduction burns getting out of control because climate conditions were not favourable

    3. Fire research shows that hazard reduction burns make no difference when climatic conditions are catastrophic as they have been in the last few weeks in Eastern Australia.

    • jfon Says:

      It didn’t help that the current government has not been funding the fire service to do reduction burns, and that suburbs are expanding into farmland, making it much harder to do. When the Aboriginals were doing firestick burns all over the place, they didn’t have any buildings or livestock to lose.

    • terry123a Says:

      Reduction burns are not an answer to actually clearing off the accumulating brush and grass as they are to far between and do not cover sufficient areas due to the politics of getting everybody on board when you always have somebody who is not on board and goes to the courts to stop the burns.

      If you can change those roadblocks, reduction burns would actually work just like they did in California when the Indians used to do them every single year.
      In California you have millions of acres of brush land, land I have driven through which has not been burned off in a hundred years or more, Those areas are simply hugh piles of fuel waiting for a spark. PGE, the power company now got the politicians to allow them to turn off the power to reduce fire sources during windstorms and that took huge fires and bankruptcy of the company to allow that to happen, The brush lands are still there and still growing thicker each year.

  3. Jean Swan Says:

    Thanks for properly answering point by point all the ignorant things written by annoying Terry

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