In Oz: Another Young Woman Standing Up

December 21, 2019

This will be formative for her.


The image of 13-year-old Izzy crying as she was told she could be arrested outside Australian prime minister Scott Morrison’s Sydney residence has become one of the defining images of the country’s bushfire crisis.

Guardian Australia asked her to write about why she was there and what she felt.

As Australia burned from tragic bushfires, on Thursday I joined hundreds of others to demand action from our prime minister outside his Kirribilli residence.

It was a whirlwind of emotions and action. The drastic change from motivational speeches, to a peaceful sea of tents awaiting the PM’s climate action, to a squad of riot police moving through the crowd arresting people, was unsettling.

Many people have asked me what motivated me to drag my dad on a one-hour bus trip to Kirribilli House on one of the hottest days of summer. My answer? Our politicians’ denial, and the inaction of our government and our prime minister. Their denial has gone on for far too long. I’m tired, tired of the lies and misdirection. I’m tired of watching my future, my friends’ and family’s futures, all of our futures, burn before our very eyes.

How dare Scott Morrison race off to Hawaii during Australia’s time of crisis? What we need is a prime minister who acknowledges that this isn’t another normal fire season, that the cause of this is climate change! Lives and homes have been taken while Morrison lies on a tropical beach with his head in the sand.

10 Responses to “In Oz: Another Young Woman Standing Up”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    The “Public Order and Riot Squad”—-LOL—-is that OZ-speak?

    And what’s with all the facial hair on so many of the POARS toughies? Does that make them more intimidating to the 13-year-old girls as they threaten them?

    • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

      Actually feel ( a tiny bit ) sorry for the cop. What a total FU he is stuck with for life. Little Izzy, on the other hand, has 5 minutes of really positive fame.
      As for the PM being off the job, this is actually positive. Never mind, the messaging is positive and nothing is too bad for the coal hugging bible basher.

  2. indy222 Says:

    We need another “V for Vendetta” – this one led by teenage girls who are “mad as hell, and we won’t take it any more!” Break the hollywood stereotype and the Angry Old White Guys won’t quite know what to do – it’ll scramble their Cretaceous brains.

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Those maps remind me of back when the Australian BOM added two colors to the high temperature legend.

  4. Keith Omelvena Says:

    I guess she will learn, the world is run by self interested psychopaths. Pretty much as it always has been.

  5. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Can not find comprehensive lists of temperature records. We are only 3 WEEKS into summer and have broken the ALL time continental record twice ( or 3 times), local ALL time records smashed are legion, and December broken records would fill a book.
    These are not very hot days or heatwaves, but extreme KILLING heat. Calling it the new normal does not mitigate the danger.
    The really terrible thing, horrors upon horrors, is that productivity drops!
    he bad fires are endemic across the country, not just NSW.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      I stopped using the term “new normal” when I realized that today’s climate is merely in transition to something worse (for humans).

      To quote the old man from Soylent Green: Heat waves…all year round!

  6. grindupbaker Says:

    I don’t know whether this big change in ENSO due to wind speed increase starting 1995 AD is a major part of the cause (perhaps so) and I’ll not be spending time studying that but it’s greatly worthy of assessment because ENSO is huge and Australia is where the action is. I think that’s basically that tropical Pacific Ocean is a massive 2.8x width of tropical Atlantic Ocean and the tropical Atlantic Ocean surface temperature change can essentially be a signal that gets amplified in the vaster tropical Pacific Ocean because the rising/falling air parcels interact above South America and the self-reinforcing +ve feedback (oceanair) of mighty ENSO. I’m thinking that warming Atlantic Ocean surface is thusly doing big changes for Earth. Maybe not matching the Artic albedo, but maybe it is.

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